ThriftStore: Finessing Reliability Tradeoffs in Replicated Storage Systems

TitleThriftStore: Finessing Reliability Tradeoffs in Replicated Storage Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsGharaibeh, A., S. Al-Kiswany, and M. Ripeanu
JournalIEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems,
Pagination1 -1
Date PublishedJune 2011
AbstractThis paper explores the feasibility of a storage architecture that offers the reliability and access performance characteristics of a high-end system, yet is cost-efficient. We propose ThriftStore, a storage architecture that integrates two types of components: volatile, aggregated storage and dedicated, yet low-bandwidth durable storage. On the one hand, the durable storage forms a back-end that enables the system to restore the data the volatile nodes may lose. On the other hand, the volatile nodes provide a high-throughput front-end. Although integrating these components has the potential to offer a unique combination of high throughput and durability at a low cost, a number of concerns need to be addressed to architect and correctly provision the system. To this end, we develop analytical- and simulation-based tools to evaluate the impact of system characteristics (e.g., bandwidth limitations on the durable and the volatile nodes) and design choices (e.g., the replica placement scheme) on data availability and the associated system costs (e.g., maintenance traffic). Moreover, to demonstrate the high-throughput properties of the proposed architecture, we prototype a GridFTP server based on ThriftStore. Our evaluation demonstrates an impressive, up to 800MBps transfer throughput for the new GridFTP service.

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