Primal Wijesekera | ආයුබොවන්

I am a first fifth year PhD student in LERSSE working under the supervision of Konstanin Beznosov wandering around the world of research ( same as what you are doing in my web page :) ). I also spend a significant portion of my time in UC Berkeley working with Serge Egelman and David Wagner. My first research experience started back in 2007 when I investigated how to use the high penetration of mobile users as a backbone to send the voice call by passing mobile service providers. Since then I have been Zig Zagging in this wonderful world of research. In my Masters thesis I looked at a novel storage architecture where scalable transactions were implemented while giving all the scary Consistency requirements. And now I ended up in looking at the word that scare most of the people for no good reason. Its SECURITY. Well, the only thing I know is what I want to make an impact, making the lives of the people easier and obviously more secure.

Underneath all those big worded descriptions there is a human being lies who enjoys life as much as any normal person would do. There is nothing I like more than hanging out with my family and friends. [ if you talk to any of my friends, they will add eating as my favourite but I wouldn't :) ]

I am from a wonderful small country called Sri Lanka. And from a city called Moratuwa which is reknown for its craftful carpenter-ship but ironically I know nothing about wood work.

I am a Catholic and trying to live as a true follower of Jesus. There is a long way up for that but one small step at a time should get me there eventually.

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