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Post-Doc wins award for best paper

Min Chen, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Electrical and Computer Engineering, won the award for Best Paper at the 5th International Conference on Heterogeneous Networking for Quality, Reliability, Security and Robustness in 2008. The conference, held in Hong Kong, was focused on the design and implementation of large-scale wired and wireless networks and distributed systems.

Student wins prestigious engineering award

Student wins prestigious engineering award

Samuel Chua won the 2009 ALS Society of B.C. Excellence in Engineering Design Award. The $5000 prize was given to Chua for his project Automated Speech Recognition and Intelligibility Enhancement System with BiPAP Assisted Breathing. The award selection panel selected his project for its potential to improve the quality of life for those living with […]

Car club creates electric powered 1972 VW Beetle

ECE students and members of the Electric Car Club: Andrea Luk, Ricky Gu and Harshul Srivastava took a UBC Engineering tradition and gave it a twist. Every year engineering students complete a prank involving a Volkswagen Beetle. This year, ECEECC members turned a 1972 VW Beetle into an electric vehicle. The vehicle was purchased in working […]

Ph.D student awarded Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Roee Diamant, a Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering (PhD) student, was awarded the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship for his research on Underwater Acoustic Communication Networks. The Vanier Scholarship offers a significant financial award to assist doctoral students with continuing their studies. The scholarship is valued at $50,000 a year for up to […]

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders invests in people to create systemic change both here in Canada and in Sub-Saharan Africa. We support innovative African startup businesses, encourage sustainable global service delivery, and are transforming the role of tomorrow’s engineer, with a view towards greater social impact.  The Engineers Without Borders UBC Chapter is a launching pad for ideas […]

Nanophotonics Fabrication

At UBC, researchers and students are developing nanophotonics to solve the communication bottle neck between the CPU and memory in computers. Nanophotonics allows one to integrate optics onto electronic chips to increase data communication. Students are challenged to design chips and ultimately test them as part of the full design cycle. This opportunity of real […]

New Venture Design

APSC 486: New Venture Design is a UBC course started by professors Peter Lawrence and Darren Dahl, which allows engineering and business students to build a product and essentially a company that utilizes students’ academic strengths. This collaboration enables engineering students to provide expertise on what is actually possible, while business students provide knowledge on what will […]

Robot Firefighters

ECE 375-474: Instrumentation and Design is a course offered at UBC that allows students to apply the knowledge they have gained into an innovative project based course. Students are challenged to develop an autonomous robot that must complete the task of entering a pre-made track and extinguish five candles. Rather than just gaining textbook knowledge, […]

Implantable Microelectrodes

Bio Medical Micro Devices (BioMEMS) research at UBC works to miniaturize systems or devices, such as implants or lab instruments. This research will greatly contribute to science and society. The research focuses on areas including Implantable Microelectrodes, Chemical Sensors and Microfludic Devices. Implantable Microelectrodes research attempts to increase biocompatibility of implants used for extended periods […]