Caitlin Schneider Receives Inaugural Motion Metrics/ICICS Graduate Scholarship

The ICICS Graduate Affairs Committee has selected ECE doctoral student Caitlin Schneider as the inaugural recipient of the Motion Metrics/ICICS Graduate Scholarship. Motion Metrics International is an ICICS-incubated start-up company founded by President and CEO Shahram Tafazoli 12 years ago after completing his PhD in ECE at UBC. Now internationally successful, the company provides integrated sensing equipment to the open-pit mining community. Shahram decided that he wanted to give something back to ICICS and UBC, and generously founded this award.

In her research, Caitlin is developing ultrasound techniques to incorporate into the guidance system of the da Vinci surgical robot, under the supervision of Drs. Tim Salcudean (ECE), Rob Rohling (ECE/MECH), and Chris Nguan (Urologic Sciences). Her goal is to improve the results of kidney cancer surgical treatment performed with the da Vinci robot.

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