Tim Salcudean named MICCAI Fellow

Prof. Tim Salcudean was elected as a Fellow of The Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention Society (MICCAI Society) for his outstanding contribution in the field of biomedical engineering.

Prof. Salcudean has made significant contributions in the areas of: Optimization-based Computer-Aided Design of Control Systems and Robots, Teleoperation, Haptic Interfaces and Virtual Environments, Medical Robotics, Devices and Imaging, and Vibration Isolation with Lorentz Magnetic Levitation. This work has facilitated technology transfer in a number of areas through patents and licensing agreements.

Prof. Tim Salcudean is the Laszlo Chair in Biomedical Engineering and the Canada Research Chair in Intelligent Computer Interface Design. Since his arrival at UBC in 1990, Prof. Salcudean has made important additions to the Robotics and Controls Laboratory. Through the design and building of numerous devices, real-time computing design, and the supervision of over 70 graduate students, Prof. Salcudean’s efforts have contributed to making the Electrical Engineering Robotics Laboratory a unique, world-class facility.

The MICCAI Society promotes, preserves and facilitates research, education and practice in the field of medical image computing and computer assisted medical interventions. The MICCAI Society is an important forum for medical image computing, computer-assisted intervention, and medical robotics.

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