Backstage preparation for power conversion research

Dr. Ordonez’s research program employs high performance power conversion systems to test and validate new technology. The Alpha Power Laboratory is continuously developing and evolving these high-end power platforms.

Daniel Spier is an Undergraduate Student working closely to Matias Anun (Research Assistant) on the preliminary work to assemble medium-level power converters with reflow soldering techniques. Reflow replaces hand soldering and improves the reliability of the experimental research platforms.

Part of Daniel’s training includes system calibration and establishing procedures to assemble/develop power converters for research activities. Daniel and Matias have also developed testing procedures to confirm reliable operation of the experimental platforms. The resulting systems are used for cutting-edge research in power conversion.

Daniel Spier has worked with Dr. Ordonez during 2014 with the support of Science Without Borders.

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Science Without Borders
Funded primarily by the Brazilian Government, the SwB scholarship program was launched in July 2011.The program aims to send 101,000 Brazilian students to study internationally in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects by 2015.The Government of Brazil is funding 75,000 scholarships and a further 26,000 are being funded by the private sector. 

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