Aspect Biosystems Announces Collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Tearing your meniscus, the “shock absorber” of your knee, is one of the most common knee injuries, and incidence could rise with an aging population. Surgical treatment of a torn meniscus may involve partial or complete removal which is associated with increased incidence of osteoarthritis. DePuy Synthes Products, Inc. has formed a collaboration with Aspect Biosystems to develop a prototype artificial meniscus using Aspect’s proprietary Lab-ona-Printer™ 3D printing technology that could benefit patients post-surgery.

“We are very excited to work with a global healthcare leader like DePuy Synthes” said Tamer Mohamed, President and CEO of Aspect Biosystems. “This collaboration marks a significant step for Aspect to apply our 3D bioprinting platform technology in developing groundbreaking tissue replacement therapies that hold the real potential to improve quality of life for patients.”

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image: Tamer Mohamed with Konrad Walus at Aspect Biosystems