Bravo Zulu issued to Professor David Michelson

Professor David Michelson
Vice Admiral Angus Topshee

Congratulations to ECE Professor Dr. Michelson for receiving a Bravo Zulu, issued by the Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, Vice Admiral Angus Topshee, on February 6th, 2023! A Bravo Zulu is a naval signal used to congratulate an outstanding performance, which David Michelson has been issued for his efforts in advancing the Royal Canadian Navy’s Canadian Students at Sea (CSaS) program, and for his support in building a strong relationship between the University of British Columbia and the Royal Canadian Navy. 

Professor Michelson will lead a second edition of CSaS in May, 2023. The CSaS program provides participants with a unique opportunity to engage in all aspects of life in the Royal Canadian Navy while aboard HMCS Ottawa, including becoming familiar with the Operations Room, Engineering control room and engineering spaces, and other aspects of missions at sea.

For further information on this recognition, contact To learn more about Canadian Students at Sea, see HERE.