Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canadian Government Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program for international PhD students
Effective November 5, 2011, the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program gained a new eligibility stream for international students pursuing doctoral (PhD) studies at Canadian institutions.
Full application details are available on the Government of Canada website:

Application specifics:

* Applications must be from international students who are currently enrolled in a doctoral (PhD) program
* Student must have completed at least two years in a PhD program
* Student must be in good academic standing
* Student must NOT be the recipient of a Government of Canada award requiring them to return to their home country to apply their knowledge and skills

Letter from the Faculty of Graduate Studies:
A letter request form is available on the FoGS’ form site:

The letter from FoGS contains the following attestations:
* that the student is currently enrolled in a PhD program and has completed at least two years towards its completion; and
* the student is deemed in good academic standing to the satisfaction of the institution.

Application cap: Only 1,000 new Federal Skilled Worker applications from international students pursuing PhD studies at Canadian institutions will be considered for processing each year. In calculating the cap, applications will be considered in order of the date they are received. Applications received on the same date will be considered for processing having regard to routine office procedures.