Deepak Gautam wins APEC Outstanding Presentation Award

Deepak S. Gautam, a PhD student in power electronics received an Outstanding Presentation Award at this year’s Applied Power Electronics Conference. 

In the poster Deepak describes a novel zero voltage switching full-bridge converter with trailing edge pulse width modulation and capacitive output filter is presented. The target application for this work is the second stage dc-dc converter in a two stage 1.65 kW on-board charger for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). For this application the design objective is to achieve high efficiency and lower cost in order to minimize the charger size, charging time and the amount and cost of electricity drawn from the utility. A detailed converter operation analysis is presented along with a laboratory prototype experimental results which achieves a peak efficiency of 95.7 %.

The full paper of this presentation will be available on the IEEE Xplore website very soon:
Gautam D, Musavi F, Edington M, Eberle W, Dunford W G, “A Zero Voltage Switching Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter with Capacitive Output Filter for a Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Charger”, IEEE APEC, Orlando, Feb 2012, pp 1381 – 1386.