ECE and UBC Email Signatures

The ECE email signature files below (attached in a ECE Email Signatures doc) incorporate most elements of the UBC email signature recommendations with the addition of an ECE blue line. Information in how best to use the UBC email signature, to receive the UBC image and text file templates, and how to insert signatures in a variety of email programs can be found here.

The UBC and ECE signature uses Arial Black for first and last name and Arial Regular for the remaining text. The recommended point size is 11.
There are many different preferences for email signatures. Although there are image files included here, we recommend that ECE faculty and staff do not incorporate any image files into their email signatures for three reasons:

  • text email signatures appear elegant
  • text email signatures demonstrate a recognition of the strengths and opportunities of email technology (light, fast, accessible)
  • text email signatures can be rendered by a number of email clients.

If you would like to include a graphic into one or all of your signature files consider using only the Place of Mind image. This brand has been the subject of a multi-million dollar advertising campaign and so it is a strong image to incorporate with your email. Adding other images to the Place of Mind wordmark can diminish its visual impact. The ECE banner gif, designed to relate to our paper stationary, has been included here as a suggestion for those external emails that need to be strongly linked to the department. Please limit your signature information to your most preferred methods of contact and include only one website.
ECE blue colour tags are:

  • rgb: 21, 190, 240
  • hex: 15bef0