Maryam Kamgarpour

Assistant Professor
BASc (Waterloo), PhD (UC Berkeley, California)

Office: KAIS 3110
Phone: (604) 827-3955



Maryam Kamgarpour is an Assistant Professor whose research focuses on advancing fundamental understanding of multi-agent decision-making in uncertain and dynamic environments. Towards this goal, she develops algorithms for safe optimization and learning, game theory and distributed control, as well as stochastic and data-driven optimization and control. Her theoretical research is driven by control challenges arising in intelligent transportation networks, rescue robotics and power grid systems.

Dr. Kamgarpour was previously an Assistant Professor at ETH Zürich.  She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Applied Science from The University of Waterloo, Canada. She has received NASA High Potential Individual Award and NASA Excellence in Publication Award for her work on air traffic control systems in collaboration with NASA Ames Research Center, and the European Union Starting Grant for her work on multi-agent decision making and control for power systems.

Professor Kamgarpour welcomes M.ASc. and Ph.D. applications from students with a strong background in mathematics (analysis, algebra, probability). Students interested in applying are encouraged to read Dr. Kamgarpour’s research papers to see whether the topics fit their background and motivations. Applications can be submitted to UBC ECE graduate program.

Research Interests

Stochastic and data-driven optimization and control, game theory, safe learning, intelligent transportation systems, power systems, disaster-response robotics

Research Areas

Research Group


  • EECE 571U – Advanced Topics in Systems, Control and Learning
  • EECE 571U – Game Theory – Mathematical Analysis and Engineering Applications

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