Renaissance Man and Governor General’s Medal Winner

It’s not easy to achieve the highest academic standing in the Applied Sciences program, but that’s just what Alexey Pazukha has done. Professor Dr. John Madden can testify to the graduating student’s tireless scholastic efforts. “In these times of great specialization, Alexey Pazukha is a rare example of a Renaissance intellect.” Contemporary German literature, evolution of transistors and quantum mechanics are some of his interests, but his expertise spans across them all. He doesn’t just dabble; he excels. Because of his outstanding academic achievements, he is the recipient of this year’s Governor General’s Academic Medal.

Alexey first decided to pursue a dual Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Electrical Engineering (Nanotechnology) because of his passion to learn about the world holistically. “I tried to pursue a broad curriculum to understand how the world works as a whole – in the process I learned how electrons interact and dollars transact.” Even after 200 credits and five years later, he has more questions than before he started.

Outside of the classroom, Alexey is able to apply his skills and solve “real-world problems” at places such as Science World and Children’s Hospital, where he worked as an intern. “Work experience has also helped to shape an understanding of how I can make a contribution or impact with the knowledge and skills obtained at school,” he said.

On the horizon for Alexey includes working at McKinsey and Company as a business analyst. Further ahead, he will make his mark at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he has already gained deferred admission and will start his MBA studies in 2014.

“I hope to improve the world through technology and innovation, in particular by matching financial capital with creative ideas,” he said. Indeed, the future looks bright for Alexey. 

The Governor General’s Academic Medal is awarded to the student graduating with the highest academic average in university programs across Canada.