Robotic Search and Rescue Projects

EECE 375/474: Computer-Based Instrumental Design Laboratory focuses on designing complex engineering projects within a team environment. In addition to implementing advanced technical principles into projects, students also learned about project management and team communication. Instructed by Dr Paul Lusina, this year’s theme is on Robotic Search and Rescue. Students had to build an autonomous vehicle which can carry out a simulated search and rescue operation. Tasks included calculating an optimal path, collecting the victim and producing a mission report at the end.

The best part about the whole project? “Finishing it,” says Daryl Percy, Group Manager and a 4th year electrical engineering student. “We worked so hard from the beginning. Everyone put in huge hours.” Darryl also notes the practical hands-on approach this course has compared to other courses. “The mechanical aspect of this is very engrossing. Theory classes are easy compared to this.”

Wing Cho Cheung does some final adjustments to his group’s robot during the class tournament, where all the groups get a chance to complete a simulated search and rescue mission.
Michael Raphael Kubik takes note of what the other groups’ times were.
Group members Darwin Sanjaya Sendri, Bayan Bennett, Michael Raphael Kubik and Rafael Quintero-Bermudez (L to R) built their robot and because of its uncanny resemblance to a rabbit, they decided to paint it that way.