Samantha Grist and Grey Reynen win ECE 3MT Competition

Samantha Grist (PhD candidate) and Greg Reynen (MSc candidate) took first place in the ECE Three Minute Thesis competition this week. Samantha and Greg along with Rindra Ramamonjison will go on to represent the Department in the Faculty heat on Wednesday, February 15, 1pm.

1st – Greg Reynen
Title: Enhancing MEMs Sensors with Mode Localization
Supervisor: Edmond Cretu

2nd – Jeffrey Goeders
Title: How many computers do you use each day?
Supervisor: Steve Wilton

3rd – Kyle Balston
Title: How to Make a Processor
Supervisor: Steve Wilton

1st – Samantha Grist
Supervisor: Karen Cheung

2nd – Rindra Ramamonjison
Title: Cognitive wireless networks
Supervisor: Professor Vijay Bhargava

3rd – Pedram Ataee
Title: Homeostasis revisited in the genesis of stress reactivity
Supervisor: Guy Dumont

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is an academic competition that assists current graduate students with fostering effective presentation and communication skills. Participants have just three minutes to explain the breadth and significance of their research project to a non-specialist audience. Begun at the University of Queensland, over 43 universities from across Australia and New Zealand have participated in this fun, highly informative and very entertaining event. UBC is one of the first Universities in North America to host a 3MT competition.
This year’s judges were Karen Cheung, Sathish Gopalakrishnan and Rob Rohling.