APSC EDI Feedback

In order for us to continue to improve the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in our programs and services in ECE, we invite your feedback regarding your experiences and recommendations on the following topics:

– Curriculum

– Programs

– Extra and co-curricular activities

– Mistreatment or inappropriate conduct that you have experienced or witnessed

– Ongoing concerns or challenges

– Workplace culture

– Physical environment

All feedback and recommendations submitted to this survey, created by the Faculty of Applied Science, are anonymous, and the system is intended for general information only. The Faculty of Applied Science cannot resolve specific concerns or situations when reported through this survey, but our department and APSC can use the information collected by this survey to address general concerns that are raised.

Submit Feedback

For specific concerns regarding a situation or to provide specific feedback to our ECE department, students are encouraged to contact help@ece.ubc.ca. Information submitted to help@ece.ubc.ca is kept confidential between the appropriate advising staff and student, and there are no punitive measures for a student who chooses to submit a concern. Staff in ECE are happy to hear from you and encourage students to reach out to us for assistance and guidance.

To access specific support teams, the below are a few commonly used resources:

Undergraduate Engineering Student Concerns – Engineering Academic Services
Graduate Engineering Student Concerns- Contact your program advisor
Sexual Misconduct or Sexual Assault- Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office
Mental Health and Wellness Support- UBC Counselling ServicesUBC Wellness Centre 
Support Navigating UBC Policy – UBC Office of the Ombudsperson for Students