The ECEGSA is the association of all Graduate students in the ECE Department at UBC. Every graduate student in ECE is automatically a member, and the ECEGSA Executive organizes activities and services for the benefit of all graduate students. These include orientations for new students, a weekly Afternoon Social Break, an Industry/Student Networking Night, and many other workshops and events. The ECEGSA welcomes all ECE Graduate students to participate in its events, which are announced via email and on the ECEGSA website.

Visit the ECEGSA website.

Meet the ECEGSA

Elena Dobre – President

I’m a fourth year PhD candidate, and I’m working on alleviating hardware-induced impairments in wireless communication systems with the help of machine learning. My main goal as an ECEGSA president is to improve the grad school experience of our student body by promoting community building events and career preparedness workshops (hard/soft skills). I also plan to increase the visibility of our grad students to potential employers outside of BC. I’m open to talk more on the above (and other) topics, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jason (Jihoon) Choi – Treasurer

Jason is a Master of Engineering (M.Eng) student under the ECE department. With experience as an engineering consultant and startups, he’s focusing his studies on intelligent product solutions. Outside of his studies, Jason can be found running around (literally) as a long-distance runner/triathlete or taking care of his kombucha SCOBY. He ultimately hopes to support ECEGSA and reconnect the ECE Graduate Student Body by taking care of the nitty-gritty details behinds the scenes. He will oversee the financials and operations of the organization to make sure you are having the best time of your life. Jason also loves meeting new people and will always welcome a coffee chat.

Ang Nan (Michael) Gu – VP Academic

I’m a second-year Masters of Applied Science student working in the UBC Robotics and Control Laboratory to create software solutions that aid clinicians in hospitals and bring high-quality digital healthcare to people everywhere. I’m serving as the VP Academic in ECEGSA and my main goal is to help students navigate the challenges of graduate education. I’m the creator and an active member of the unofficial ECE graduate slack channel, which has helped bring the student community closer during a year of virtual work. Two goals that I have for this coming year are to create a more welcoming atmosphere for research groups to connect with each other and the student body, and to empower students through workshops that develop skills and confidence.

Daniel Holanda Noronha – VP Social Internal

Daniel is a 4th year Ph.D. candidate at the ECE department. His research focuses on debugging machine learning hardware accelerators and understanding the impacts of hardware acceleration on ML models. He is also a big fan of beach volleyball, recently joined UBC’s sailing club, and can’t wait for this pandemic to be over to organize multiple in-person events for ECE grad students. This includes organizing beach volleyball games, hikes, and hopefully a ski trip for beginners at the end of the year.

ECEGSA Nominations

We hope the start of the term has been going well for you so far! We are happy to announce that nominations for three executive ECEGSA positions for October 2021 – April 2022 are now open! By running for one of the open positions, you can have a direct positive impact on our graduate students community while improving your leadership and soft skills.

Any currently-registered ECE graduate student (MEng, MASc, PhD) can apply for one of the following open positions:

  1. VP Social External;
  2. Secretary;
  3. GSS Councillor (this is not an ECEGSA position, so one can run for this and for any of the two positions above).

Becoming a member of the executive team of ECEGSA has several great benefits such as having the chance to propose and organize social/professional events suited for our graduate students, boosting your soft skills and organizational abilities, expanding your network with people from and outside of our department (from the industry, from other departments in UBC, etc). Most importantly, you have the chance of learning what are the best ways of keeping our diverse graduate community engaged and united while studying/working both on campus and from home.

Without further ado, if you are interested in running for any of the three positions, please email and include the following information:

  • your full name, UBC student ID, and program (MEng/MASc/PhD)
  • the position you want to run for
  • a few sentences with what you plan to achieve while in that position, and your vision.

Deadline for nominations: Sunday, Sept 26, 11:55 PM.

Potential date for the online (WebVote) election: Friday, Oct 1.

If you have any question about any open position, please email us at, or message any of the current members of the ECEGSA executive team (Daniel, Elena, Jason, Michael) on the ECE Grad Lounge Slack channel (invite link: