The Arab Spring – Implications & Opportunities for Canada – Prof Tyseer Aboulnasr

Professor Tyseer Aboulnasr recently addressed the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs on “The Arab Spring – Implications & Opportunities for Canada.”

Outside of her professional career, Dr. Aboulnasr has been very active in Arab-Jewish dialogue groups, in interfaith discussions, in bringing Muslim organizations in Canada to speak with a harmonious voice on national issues, and she has worked with the RCMP on restoring trust with Muslim and Arab Canadians.  She is currently on leave in Cairo, Egypt, working with Nile University, a new niche entrepreneurial research-intensive university, and hoping to contribute to the rebirth of a better Egypt.   

Founded in 1932, the Couchiching Institutue on Public Affairs is Canada’s oldest organization devoted to studying and publicizing current issues affecting Canada and public policy. Its mission is to increase the awareness and understanding of domestic and international issues amongst people, through open and inclusive discussion, without advocacy or partisanship. It brings together people from all walks of life, including former and current prime ministers and politicians, business leaders, academics, policy experts, activists, to exchange ideas in a non-partisan atmosphere of curiosity and debate. Previous speakers have included Henry Kissinger, Stephen Leacock, Peter Ustinov, Carol Shields, Ovide Mercredi, and Pierre E Trudeau.

Dr. Aboulnasr was also honoured at a special ceremony where she received the Diamond Jubilee medal from the representative of Her Majesty the Queen the Ontario Lieutenant Governor for significant achievement and remarkable service.  
Congratulations, Professor Aboulnasr.

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