Call for Capstones

Proposal Submission for the 2021/22 cohort is closed

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Interested in seeing what our students have to offer?  Please check out our 2020/21 Design & Innovation online showcase. For more information please visit Capstone Form and Instructions. If you have any questions, please contact

We welcome you to view our capstone videos from 202020192018201720162015, and 2014.

Are you interested in becoming a Capstone partner?

Please watch this 4 minute video to answer:

Why do organizations choose to be partners?

What is your role as a partner?

How do we manage intellectual property?

How can you get involved?

How does Capstone work for clients?

In the Capstone course, senior students in teams of four to six work on projects proposed by industry, or other organizations. Each team is supervised by a faculty member who acts as the technical director, assisting or pointing the student to appropriate technical expertise. You will act as the client.

The projects can be general projects in:

– electrical and computer engineering

– software engineering

– energy

– biomedical devices

– microsystems

– nanotechnology

For more information, visit Capstone Design Projects.

Benefits of taking part!

How to get involved and what to expect!

ECE invites you to propose a project to our students which will prepare them for employment and in turn give you an opportunity to meet the next generation of graduates.

A Capstone instructor assesses each proposal and provides feedback to you (the client). You are invited to revise your proposal based on the instructor’s feedback. Clients with successful proposals have the option to pitch their proposals to the Capstone students in early September. By the second week of September, each student bids on projects by ranking their top 10 preferred projects. This ranking is used to form teams. In 2018, 46 teams were formed from approximately one hundred proposals.

Our students and faculty would be working towards developing potential solutions with you from September and April. You will have ample opportunity to be actively engaged in the development of solutions.

Time Commitment

Partners are expected to support students define the problem and give feedback on their design solution.  The amount of time commitment required depends greatly on the type of project you propose.  As a minimum expect approximately 10 hours of engagement in September & October and a further 10 hour for the remainder of the term.


ECE will commit a significant amount of financial resources. To make this a successful partnership and a sustainable model, it is our hope that you and your organization will commit in a similar fashion, feasible for your organization.

Submit a proposal!

Click here to submit a proposal for the 2021/22 cohort starting in September. 

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