What would the Earth and Moon look like from Mars?

Watch the western sky tonight. Prof. Dave Michelson suggests you take a look at Venus and Jupiter to get a sense of the view from the red planet.
From Mars, Earth appears to be a second evening star with a dim companion hovering close by. Venus and much dimmer Jupiter are very close to each other in the western sky after sunset right now. On June 30, they reached their minimum separation of about a third of a degree. From now on, the separation will gradually increase. 
Here are the numbers:

Apparent magnitude and maximum separation of Earth and Moon as seen from Mars at a “typical” inferior conjunction:

-2.5 +0.9 (Delta = 3.4) 17′

Apparent magnitude and minimum separation of Venus and Jupiter as seen from Earth during this conjunction:

-4.3 -1.8 (Delta = 2.5) 24′

As the numbers suggest, the view may not be identical but it is very similar. Adding to the illusion of the view from Mars is the low concentration of dust in the western sky and the blueness of the sky after sunset here in Vancouver.