Accountability-Aware Design of Voice User Interfaces forHome Appliances

DFP Project


Voice-user interfaces (VUIs) are becoming part of everyday life. As systems become more capable and support higher expectations, the conversational interactions that VUIs sup-port invite ambiguity in responsibility for tasks that a user requests or commands. Just as for person-person exchanges, accountability disruption can cause miscommunications with impact ranging from inconvenience to serious safety hazards.This paper explores accountability management in the context of interaction with home appliances. To explore links between perceived system accountability, actual degree of automation and user satisfaction, we conducted a mixed-methods study (8interviews and 15 questionnaires) based on four walk-through videos of washing machine interactions, each featuring a different VUI mechanism that failed at the laundry task. While we found a positive correlation between automation (system decision making) and perception of system accountability, participants also predicted higher satisfaction with with highly automated systems. Our analysis provides insight for designers in managing perceived accountability while maintaining the benefits of VUI integration.