2024 Design & Innovation Day

Welcome to Electrical and Computer Engineering Design and Innovation Day!

We are excited to share the projects our students have worked on over the final year of their undergraduate program! The capstone design project is a major component of the ECE engineering curriculum where students work in teams of four to six to design a product/service of significance and to solve an open-ended problem in electrical and computer engineering.

April 11th, 2:00-5:00pm

Fred Kaiser Building – 2332 Main Mall, UBC Campus – Atrium and Kaiser 2020/2030


Browse through our ECE projects and abstracts featured at Design + Innovation Day!

Emerging Technologies and Innovations

Industrial Automation and Processes

Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability

Healthcare and Medical Devices

Transportation and Mobility Solutions

Artificial Intelligence and Software Systems



Team NameTitleCompanyProject Theme
AI-47From Chips to Kits: Demonstrator Kits for Next-Gen Silicon Photonic ChipletsDream Photonics Inc.Industrial Automation and Processes
AI-76ZEROe Sailing Vessel Electrical IntegrationAlberni Yachts Inc.Transportation and Mobility Solutions
AI-79Water Level Depth LoggerOpus Petroleum Engineering Ltd.Emerging Technologies and Innovations
CG-22Using IoT Devices (Raspberry PI) to Count People For Occupancy or TrafficUBC Cloud Innovation CentreEmerging Technologies and Innovations
CG-23Remote Sensing for Forest FiresUBC Cloud Innovation CentreEnvironmental Monitoring and Sustainability
CG-29iHearDeng Audio ResearchHealthcare and Medical Devices
CG-39Detecting Buried Metallic or Non-metallic AnomaliesRampart Detection Systems LtdEmerging Technologies and Innovations
CG-78Precise Detection of Free Street Parking Using AI and Video ProcessingUBC – Digital Multimedia LabEmerging Technologies and Innovations
HA-60Development of Renewable Energy Assessment Tool Mine SiteFluor CanadaEnvironmental Monitoring and Sustainability
HA-61Electrification of Harbour Air Beaching GearHarbour Air Aerospace ServicesTransportation and Mobility Solutions
HA-83Sizing of Temporary Personal Protective Grounding CablesBC HydroIndustrial Automation and Processes
HA-84Medium Voltage Underground Cable Circuits Ampacity ToolBC HydroIndustrial Automation and Processes
HA-85Frozen Soil’s Impact on the Thermal Resistivity’s Used in Medium Voltage Cable Circuit’s Ampacity CalculationsBC HydroIndustrial Automation and Processes
JM-46Bass Guitar Pluck Type Classification Using a 2-D Piezo PickupYamaha Guitar Group, IncEmerging Technologies and Innovations
JM-58Developing a Wearable ExG Device to Study SleepSimPL labHealthcare and Medical Devices
JM-67Backend Development for Motor Deficits Detection Using Hand Drawing and Facial ExpressionNeuroPrior AIHealthcare and Medical Devices
JY-68Development of a Wearable Sensor Device for Human-Robot Interaction with EEG CapabilitiesNeuroPrior AIHealthcare and Medical Devices
JY-713-Axis Motion Control Testing SystemNovaSense Technology Ltd.Industrial Automation and Processes
JY-723-Axis Motion Control Fabrication SystemNovaSense Technology Ltd.Industrial Automation and Processes
JY-92Wearable System for Health Status MonitoringAdaptive Microsystems Lab (AdaMist), The University of British ColumbiaHealthcare and Medical Devices
PB-35Automated Test Framework MigrationIndustrial Automation and Processes
PB-48Real-time Market Data Collection SystemTartigrade LimitedArtificial Intelligence and Software Systems
PB-49Automated Invoice Processing AppTartigrade LimitedArtificial Intelligence and Software Systems
PB-50Talent Acquisition AutomationTartigrade LimitedArtificial Intelligence and Software Systems
PB-66Slice-based Debugging for Java Development EnvironmentsUBC ECE, ReSeSS Research Lab, Dr. Julia RubinArtificial Intelligence and Software Systems
PL-10Exploring Uncharted Chemical Space of Environmental Exposures using Graphical Neural NetworksUniversity of British ColumbiaArtificial Intelligence and Software Systems
PL-12Passive RF System for 24/7 custody of Space Objects in GeoSynchronous, Cislunar Orbits and beyondMDA Systems LidIndustrial Automation and Processes
PL-40Leveraging LLMs for a Course Question-Answer RepositoryUBC Cloud Innovation CentreArtificial Intelligence and Software Systems
PL-44Intelligent Intersection Communication HubBreeze Labs Inc.Transportation and Mobility Solutions
PN-01AI Based “Co-pilot” to Assist Solar Project Managers with Crew Assignment & SchedulingScoop Robotix Inc.Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability
PN-05Immersio Immy ChatImmersioArtificial Intelligence and Software Systems
PN-08Wet GPU Software StackSamnian Software Inc.Artificial Intelligence and Software Systems
PN-14Open Data: Aerial Drone Footage – Lost Hiker ChallengeUBC Cloud Innovation CentreEmerging Technologies and Innovations
PN-42Product Image Generator to Create Variation of Product Images at Scale (Using AI and Content Generation Engines)EsparkifyArtificial Intelligence and Software Systems
PN-54Efficient HW Implementation of DNN based Frame Rate Up Conversion (FRUC) for Real Time Video TranscodingNetIntArtificial Intelligence and Software Systems
SF-07Interactive Augmented Reality FactoryUBC MANU ProgramEmerging Technologies and Innovations
SF-11Event-focused Carpool: Connecting Communities Through Innovative Web-Based Carpooling SolutionsCarPalsTransportation and Mobility Solutions
SF-21Video Streaming Using Cloud TechnologyUBC Cloud Innovation CentreArtificial Intelligence and Software Systems
SF-36A Lab in a Shoe: Detecting Trips and Stumbles With a Wearable DeviceUniversity of British ColumbiaHealthcare and Medical Devices
SF-41Human Anatomy Teaching AppUBC Faculty of MedicineHealthcare and Medical Devices
SF-51IoT Solutions for Sustainable BeekeepingFECEnvironmental Monitoring and Sustainability
TL-30Mapping Below the Forest Canopy (Part 1 – Software)Korotu Technology Inc.Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability
TL-31Mapping Below the Forest Canopy (Part 2 – Hardware)Korotu Technology Inc.Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability
TL-32Use of Frequency Modulated Continuous Wavelength Radar (FMCW) to Detect Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate of Patients in Hospital Waiting Rooms, Seclusion Rooms and those in Police CustodyAberrant Designs Inc.Healthcare and Medical Devices
TL-43Gesture Control and Vital Function Detection using 60GHz Radar Sensing and AI/ML processingDelta Controls Inc.Healthcare and Medical Devices
TL-63Measuring Forest Change with AIKorotu Technology Inc.Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability

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