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Start a conversation about your research, an achievement you have had, or an opportunity you are aware of with the ECE, Applied Science, and UBC community! Our ECE communications team publishes articles, interviews, and news on our website, social media, and newsletters. By connecting with our team, you can draw attention to your work, publicize your project or opportunity for a wider audience, attract new students, faculty, or potential industry contacts, and create awareness about you and your work in the ECE community!

Explore below the various communications channels used by ECE, and find one that suits your goals! We look forward to hearing from you.

ECE Features and Stories

ECE publishes interviews and articles with alumni, undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. Through these articles, ECE explores the many varied experiences within the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and highlights the research, accomplishments, and passions of our students and researchers.

Stories also help ECE continue to build our reputation as a hotspot for groundbreaking research and scholarships.

Your story can help the ECE department:

Inform potential students about what the ECE experience is like and what an ECE degree can bring you.

Show the UBC community and industry the fascinating research people in ECE do.

Build community by increasing awareness and connections between diverse groups in ECE.

Showcase the incredible variety of people, projects, and research in our department. 

Publishing an article with us can help you:

Draw attention to your work.

Publicize your project for a wider audience.

Attract students, faculty, or even potential industry contacts to collaborate with you in the future.

Create awareness about you and your experiences in the ECE community and build connections.

Recent Examples of ECE Stories

ECE Alumni Perspectives: Al-Shahna Jamal, Microsoft

“This might all sound obvious, but the simple truth is that forming good habits and time management takes effort and practice.”

Al-Shahna Jamal completed her BAsc and MASc at UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering, graduating in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Today, she’s a software engineer at Microsoft, and living in Seattle. We caught up with her to learn about her direction since her graduation from ECE, and how her time in our department has impacted her career.

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ECE Alumni Perspectives: Abdullah Al-Digs, Power System Studies Consultant

“My industry and graduate research experiences focus on developing real-time tools to operate future power systems reliably and economically… I firmly believe that my research is vital to enabling wide integration of renewable energy.”

Abdullah Al-Digs graduated from ECE with a BASc in Electrical Engineering in 2015, and with a PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2021. Following graduation, he’s begun as a Power System Studies Consultant at PSC Power Systems Consultants. While at ECE, Abdullah studied power systems analysis, developing an expertise in the subject that he’ll now take into his work in the industry.

We spoke to Abdullah to learn about his research in power and energy systems, and how this focus area has taken him from his studies at ECE to his current work in the industry.

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ECE Student Perspectives: Eric Cheng, SFU I2I Venture Pitch Winner

“Cell sequencing is changing the way we understand the most fundamental unit of life, but there are still many bottlenecks… This was the inspiration for Isolatrix.”

Eric Cheng is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at UBC, supervised by Dr. Karen Cheung. He’s passionate about using cutting edge techniques in microfluidics and machine learning to solve challenging life science problems.
Eric has recently won the ‘Invention to Innovation’ Venture Pitch Competition at SFU in the Product Ready Venture category. Eric’s winning initiative, Isolatrix, leverages deep learning to perform highly precise single cell isolation, enabling whole genome sequencing applications.

We spoke to him to learn more about his pioneering initiative, the importance of cell isolation in the biomedical field, and the path that led him to this field.

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ECE Perspectives: Sakshi Mishra, Forbes 30 Under 30

“My desire to be part of the solution for climate change problems, a keen interest in conducting research in the all-things-electrified domain, and fascination with the field of artificial intelligence – these are the key drivers that led me to the path I’m on.”

Sakshi Mishra is a PhD student at UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering, a researcher with the Blockchain@UBC research cluster- and a new member of the 2022 Forbes 30 under 30.
Sakshi, who was acknowledged in the ‘Energy’ category, is working on the possibilities of blockchain in sustainable energy. The Forbes award-winning research she’s now pursuing at ECE focuses on the use of peer-to-peer energy trading to coordinate energy distribution- a project that could transform how renewable energy is used by electric vehicles, buildings, and whole energy grids.

Sakshi joins us for an interview where she reflects on this award, discusses her research into new sustainable energy technologies, and shares the inspirations and experiences that led her to this milestone.

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ECE Student Perspectives: David Black, BMIAI Fall Research Award winner

“Bringing a robot to life and getting it to interact with its environment is always exciting and satisfying.”

David Black is a PhD student at Electrical and Computer Engineering. Under the supervision of Tim Salcudean, David researches control and artificial intelligence in medical robots. His recent presentation at the 2021 BMIAI conference, “Human Teleoperation: A Haptically-Enabled Mixed Reality Interface for Teleultrasound”, won BMIAI’s Fall Research Showcase research award.
We spoke to him to learn more about his award-winning research, his career, and what excites him about the future of medical robotics technology.

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ECE Social Media

ECE has accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, with nearly 10,000 total followers across these platforms. We post nearly every day about new and exciting developments in our department and the university for the benefit of our students and faculty, our alumni, and anyone else interested in staying connected with us.

Have a news item, an event, or an opportunity that you want people to hear about? From Instagram stories to Twitter retweets, ECE can share, repost, or circulate your update to our audience – or we can work with you to create original posts!

Sharing a post through us can help your item reach a wide audience of students, faculty, and engineers, both at UBC and in the broader industry. We encourage you to get in touch with us!

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ECE Events

ECE often hosts talks, info sessions, orientations, and social events throughout the year. Our events support students and faculty in socializing, learning, connecting with industry, and enriching their research. We often welcome alumni and industry members to offer their experience and mentorship to current students, organizations looking to recruit high-achieving students, and host panels and lectures from academic and industry experts.

If you want to share your knowledge, learn from our faculty, connect with our students, or strengthen your links with the ECE community, being involved in an event with us is a great way to do that! Our staff are happy to help organize something that caters to your goals and attracts the intended audience. We encourage you to get in touch with us!

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ECE Newsletters

ECE sends weekly newsletters to graduate students and faculty, and twice-a-term newsletters to undergraduate students. These newsletters provide our students with department updates, exciting news and events, and important information and reminders for their programs.

Showcasing your news, opportunities, or events in our newsletter can help you reach our community of students and faculty directly. Working with us to include your item in our newsletter ensures it will reach the members of our department.

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