So You Want to Be an Electrical or Computer Engineer? Think ECE at UBC!

As one of the largest departments at UBC, we offer programs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering leading to a Bachelor of Applied Science in either of these fields. Students may also choose to specialize in Biomedical Engineering, an option in the Electrical Engineering program. Our programs commence in second year after students have met the requirements of first year engineering.

If you call a friend, flip a light switch, play a video game or drive a car, you are touching the work of an electrical engineer. Electrical engineers impact almost every aspect of our lives. They make essential medical equipment, design wireless communications networks, predict earthquakes, and invent new ways to generate and conserve energy. Electrical engineers will be leaders in meeting global challenges in energy, health, communication and safety. As a student in UBC’s Electrical Engineering program, you will learn essential skills in electronics, circuit analysis and electromagnetics.

Computer engineers can change the world. Whether it is the systems that control our phones, cars, planes or robots—every automated device has a software or hardware engineer helping to create it. As a student in UBC’s Computer Engineering program, you will learn how to develop, design and test software, computer networks, and protocols.

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