Name Position Contact Research Interests
Tor Aamodt Tor Aamodt Professor aamodt@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-4116
KAIS 4043
Computer architecture including accelerators for deep neural networks and architecture of graphics processor units for non-graphics computing.
Purang Abolmaesumi Purang Abolmaesumi Professor;
Associate Head, Research
(604) 827-4741
KAIS 4052
Biomedical Engineering with emphasis on machine learning, medical image analysis, and image-guided therapy.
Farshid Agharebparast Farshid Agharebparast Associate Professor of Teaching farshid@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-4737
KAIS 3045
Wireless and data networking technologies.
Konstantin Beznosov Konstantin Beznosov Professor beznosov@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-9181
KAIS 4047
Usable security, design of security mechanisms, distributed systems, security, access control, engineering secure software.
Jesús Calviño-Fraga Jesús Calviño-Fraga Associate Professor of Teaching jesusc@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-5387
KAIS 3024
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Assemblers and Compilers, Embedded Systems, Power System Simulations, Voltage Stability.
Christine Chen Y. Christine Chen Associate Professor chen@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-4238
KAIS 4101
Power systems analysis and control, grid monitoring and analytics, renewable resource integration.
Karen Cheung Karen Cheung Professor kcheung@ece.ubc.ca,
(604) 827-4114
KAIS 3064
Biomedical microsystems for diagnostic and therapeutic applications, dielectric spectroscopy for flow cytometry, implantable polymer-based microelectrode arrays, integrated cell culture systems.
Lukas Chrostowski Lukas Chrostowski Professor lukasc@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-8507
KAIS 4039
Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs), Silicon photonics, Optical Communications, Biophotonics, Semiconductor lasers, VCSELs.
Edmund Cretu Edmond Cretu Professor edmondc@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-4115
KAIS 3063
Microsystems, adaptive MEMS, micro-instrumentation, nonlinear signal processing, BioMEMS. ultrasound imaging.
Olivia Di Matteo Olivia Di Matteo Assistant Professor olivia@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822 6660
KAIS 3043
Quantum computing: compilation, circuits and algorithms; tomography and characterization; open-source quantum software; education.
Guy Dumont Guy Dumont Professor guyd@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-2336
KAIS 3023
Adaptive control, predictive control, control of distributed parameters systems, advanced process control, applications of wavelet analysis, biomedical applications of control, pulp and paper process control.
Alexandra (Sasha) Fedorova Alexandra (Sasha) Fedorova Professor;
CPEN Program Director
(604) 822-0615
KAIS 4113
Performance, usability and energy-efficiency performance, usability and energy-efficiency of computer system and effective management of memory and CPU resources.
Sid Fels Sid Fels Professor ssfels@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-5338
KAIS 4049
Human computer interaction, human 3D biomechanical modeling, speech synthesis, medical applications of modeling, computer vision, interactive arts and music.
Rafeef Garbi Rafeef Garbi (née Abugharbieh) Professor rafeef@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-6034
KAIS 4051
Medical image computing; Computer vision; Image analysis; Machine learning for medical imaging; Biomedical applications.
Sathish Gopalakrishnan Sathish Gopalakrishnan Associate Professor;
Associate Head, Undergraduate Affairs
(604) 827-4343
KAIS 4045
Real-time systems, distributed systems, resource management.
Cristian Sorin Grecu Cristian Sorin Grecu Lecturer grecuc@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-4241
KAIS 3111
Andre Ivanov Andre Ivanov Professor ivanov@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-2342
KAIS 4030
VLSI Design and Test, Reliability Engineering, IC Reliability, ab-initio simulation, Design for Reliability, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Machine Learning for EDA, Machine Learning for IC Reliability, IoT Security
Carol Jaeger Carol Jaeger Professor of Teaching carol.jaeger@ubc.ca
(604) 822-2592
KAIS 3041
Electronics, electromagnetics, signal processing, speech and hearing, biomedical engineering, assorted sensors, product design.
Nick Jaeger Nick Jaeger Professor nickj@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-5673
KAIS 3040
Integrated-optics, fiber-optics, optical sensors, optical measurement of voltage and current in power substations, ultrahigh-speed electro-optic modulators, ultrahigh-speed measurement techniques.
Juri Jatskevich Juri Jatskevich Professor jurij@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-5217
KAIS 3057
Power and energy systems, smart energy grids, power electronic systems and converter circuits, electrical machines and drives, controls, electromagnetic transients, computer modeling and simulation, distributed and parallel simulation
Lutz Lampe Lutz Lampe Professor;
Associate Head, Graduate Affairs
(604) 822-8261
KAIS 4111
Communication and information theory, Smart Grid, Grid diagnostics, Ultra-wideband (UWB), Wireless sensor networks, Localization and tracking, RFID, Cognitive radio, Power line communications, Compressed sensing, Machine Learning.
Guy Lemieux Guy Lemieux Professor lemieux@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-0247
KAIS 4016
Programmable logic and computing systems, multiprocessor and computer architecture.
Cyril Leung Cyril Leung Professor cleung@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-2866
KAIS 4102
Wireless communications, cellular systems, multihop mobile networks.
Xiaoxiao Li Xiaoxiao Li Assistant Professor xiaoxiao.li@ece.ubc.ca
KAIS 3110
Deep Learning, Trustworthy AI, Federated Learning, Graph Learning, Medical Image Analysis
Renjie Liao Renjie Liao Assistant Professor rjliao@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827 5908
KAIS 3050
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Learning Theory, Computer Vision, Machine Learning for Programming Languages, Natural Language Processing, Self-Driving.
Luis Linares Luis Linares Associate Professor of Teaching llinares@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-9442
KAIS 3025
Modeling and simulation of engineering systems, and their computer implementation.
Mieszko Lis Mieszko Lis Associate Professor mieszko@ece.ubc.ca
604 827-0738
KAIS 4050
Computer architecture. Parallel architectures, programming models, and compilers. High-level VLSI design methodologies.
Paul Lusina Paul Lusina Lecturer paull@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-2405
KAIS 3062
John Madden John Madden Professor jmadden@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-5306
KAIS 3042
Artificial muscle and application to medical devices, photosynthetic photovoltaics, super-capacitors, batteries, sensors, carbon nanotube devices.
José Martí José Martí Professor jrms@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-2364
KAIS 3058
Real-time simulation of electric power systems using multi-computer networks, partitioning techniques for the solution of large systems, multirate hybrid systems, signal propagation in distributed parameter and frequency dependent systems, switched devices and nonlinear elements.
Ali Mesbah Ali Mesbah Professor amesbah@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-4249
KAIS 4044
Software engineering, Software testing and dynamic analysis, Software evolution and maintenance.
David Michelson Associate Professor davem@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-3544
MCLD 4037
Propagation and channel modeling, low profile antenna design, wireless communication system performance, EMI/EMC.
Shahriar Mirabbasi Shahriar Mirabbasi Professor shahriar@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-5218
KAIS 4032
Analog and mixed-signal intergrated circuits and systems design, integrated circuit design with an emphasis on high-speed data communication and signal processing applications.
Saloome Motavas Saloome Motavas Lecturer saloome.motavas@ubc.ca
Prashant Nair Prashant Nair Assistant Professor prashantnair@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-0079
KAIS 4014
Reliability, security, performance-power-efficient memory systems.
Panos Nasiopoulos Panos Nasiopoulos Professor panos@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-2979
Digital video processing and communications.
Alireza Nojeh Alireza Nojeh Professor alireza.nojeh@ubc.ca
(604) 827-4346
KAIS 4041
Nanostructures (esp. based on carbon nanotubes), Interaction of light with nanostructures, Electron emission phenomena, Vacuum nanoelectronics, Energy conversion, High-temperature effects in nanostructures, Electron microscopy, Controlled nanofabrication, Quantum mechanical modeling and simulation of nanoscale systems.
Martin Ordonez Martin Ordonez Professor; Kaiser Chair in Power Conversion and Sustainability mordonez@ece.ubc.ca
KAIS 3044
Power Converters for Renewable Energy Systems / Renewable power and energy systems, power electronics, power conversion architectures, and control systems.
Simon Oya Simon Oya Assistant Professor simon.oya@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-4312
KAIS 4110
Privacy-enhancing technologies, computer security, statistics, anonymous communication systems, location privacy, searchable encryption, machine learning privacy
Karthik Pattabiraman Karthik Pattabiraman Professor karthikp@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-4245
KAIS 4048
Dependable Computer Systems, Computer Security, Cyber-Physical Systems, Software Engineering
Matei Ripeanu Matei Ripeanu Professor matei@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-7281
KAIS 4033
Distributed systems, peer-to-peer systems, high-performance computing.
Robert Rohling Robert Rohling Professor rohling@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-2045
KAIS 3059
Medical imaging, medical information systems, robotics, ultrasound imaging in both 2D and 3D.
Julia Rubin Julia Rubin Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Trustworthy Software mjulia@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-3963
KAIS 4053
Software engineering; program analysis; software quality, security, and robustness; adversarial robustness, explainability, and interpretability of ML-based systems; mobile and cloud software.
Septimiu (Tim) Salcudean Tim Salcudean Professor; Canada Research Chair in Intelligent Computer Interface Design tims@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-3243
KAIS 3060
Medical robotics, image-guided interventions, medical image analysis including cancer classification, ultrasound, elastography, teleoperation.
Joseph Salfi Joseph Salfi Assistant Professor jsalfi@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-2653
KAIS 4040
Quantum information science and technology: investigation, realization and assembly of building blocks for quantum computers, simulators and networks using solid-state and silicon-based approaches.
Peyman Servati Peyman Servati Professor peymans@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-4269
KAIS 4042
Smart textile and wearable technology, flexible electronics, flexible solar cells and batteries, advanced nanomaterials.
Mohammad Shahrad Mohammad Shahrad Assistant Professor mshahrad@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-3968
KAIS 4046
Cloud computing, serverless computing, resource management, data centre efficiency.
Sudip Shekhar Sudip Shekhar Professor sudip@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-2218
KAIS 4017
Microelectronics, integrated circuits, CMOS circuit design for wireless, wireline and silicon photonics applications.
Leo Stocco Leo Stocco Associate Professor of Teaching leos@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-0166
KAIS 3026
Medical robotics, haptic interfaces, electro-mechanical optimization.
Boris Stoeber Boris Stoeber Professor; Canada Research Chair in Microfluidics and Sensing Technology boris.stoeber@ubc.ca
(604) 827-5907
KAIS 3112
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microfluidics, sensor technology, integrated microsystems for biomedical applications and for environmental control.
Kenichi Takahata Kenichi Takahata Professor takahata@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-4241
KAIS 3113
Micromachined sensors and actuators, MEMS, implantable microdevices, micro-scale wireless sensing/control, 3-D microfabrication techniques, micro electro-discharge machining and control.
Shuo Tang Shuo Tang Professor;
ELEC Program Director
(604) 827-4314
KAIS 4105
Biophotonics, biomedical optics, optical tissue imaging instrumentation, optical coherence tomography, multiphoton microscopy.
Christos Thrampoulidis Christos Thrampoulidis Assistant Professor cthrampo@ece.ubc.ca
KAIS 4054
High-dimensional signal processing, machine learning, optimization, statistics, mathematical data science.
Konrad Walus Konrad Walus Professor konradw@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-5987
KAIS 4038
Nanoelectronic devices and circuits, quantum-dot cellular automata, single-electron transistors, quantum mechanical simulations.
Jane Z. Wang Jane Z. Wang Professor zjanew@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-3229
KAIS 4015
Multimedia security, statistical signal processing, biomedical information, genomic signal processing and statistics, and wireless communications.
Lele Wang Lele Wang Assistant Professor lelewang@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-3515
KAIS 4112
Information theory, coding theory, communication theory, mathematical data science.
Steve Wilton Steve Wilton Professor; Department Head stevew@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-1263
KAIS 4103, KAIS 5500
Field programmable gate array architectures and CAD tools.
Vincent Wong Vincent Wong Professor vincentw@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-5135
KAIS 4104
Wireless communication systems, mobile networks, smart grid, energy systems, machine learning, deep reinforcement learning, optimization
Joseph Yan Associate Professor of Teaching;
Undergraduate Advising
(604) 827-5219
KAIS 3061
Micromechatronics, microfabrications, microassembly and biomimetic robotics.
Matthew Yedlin Matthew Yedlin Associate Professor matty@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-8236
KAIS 3022
Acoustic wave propagation, including acoustic diffraction, asymptotic expansions, numerical wave modeling, laboratory wave modeling and source signature generation for seismic cross-well tomography. Applied digital signal processing.

  Name Position Contact
Vijay Bhargava Vijay Bhargava Professor Emeritus vijayb@ece.ubc.ca
Ian Cumming Ian Cumming Professor Emeritus ianc@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-3956
KAIS 3048
Michael Davies Michael Davies Professor Emeritus miked@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 263-0284
KAIS 3051
Paul Davies Paul Davies Professor Emeritus pauld@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-5501
KAIS 3027
Hermann Dommel Hermann Dommel Professor Emeritus hermannd@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-3996
KAIS 3056
WIlliam Dunford William Dunford Professor Emeritus wgd@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-6660
KAIS 3043
Mabo Ito Mabo Ito Professor Emeritus mito@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-4572
KAIS 3110
Edward Jull Edward Jull Professor Emeritus jull@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-3966
KAIS 3053
Philippe Kruchten Philippe Kruchten Professor Emeritus pbk@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-4572
KAIS 3110
Charles Slazlo Charles Laszlo Professor Emeritus claszlo@telus.net
(604) 827-5908
KAIS 3050
Peter Lawrence Peter Lawrence Professor Emeritus peterl@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-5934
KAIS 3062
Victor Leung Victor Leung Professor Emeritus vleung@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-6932
KAIS 4013
David Pulfrey David Pulfrey Professor Emeritus pulfrey@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-3876
Gunther Schrack Günther Schrack Professor Emeritus schrack@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-3966
KAIS 3053
Robin Turner Robin Turner Professor Emeritus turner@msl.ubc.ca
(604) 822-6132
MSL 233
Rabab Ward Rabab Ward Professor Emeritus rababw@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-4924
KAIS 4054

  Name Position Contact
Hamed Ahmadi Hamed Ahmadi Adjunct Professor hameda@ece.ubc.ca
KAIS 3070
Abdullah Al-Digs Adjunct Professor aldigs@ece.ubc.ca
Bader Naim Alahmad Bader Alahmad Adjunct Professor bader@ece.ubc.ca
Ian Blake Ian Blake Honorary Professor ifblake@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 827-4312
KAIS 4110
Pieter Botman Pieter Botman Adjunct Professor pbotman@ece.ubc.ca
Jeff Carmichael Jeff Carmichael Adjunct Professor jcarmich@ece.ubc.ca
George Chen Adjunct Professor georgeckchen@live.com
Scott Chin Scott Chin Adjunct Professor scottc@ece.ubc.ca
KAIS 4025
Sina Chiniforoosh Sina Chiniforoosh Adjunct Professor sinach@ece.ubc.ca
Scott Chin Patrick Conroy Adjunct Professor patrickco@ece.ubc.ca
Mohamed Elsakhawy Mohamed Elsakhawy Adjunct Professor
Craig Hennessey Craig Hennessey Adjunct Professor craigah@ece.ubc.ca
James Pond Eddie Hung Adjunct Professor eddieh@ece.ubc.ca
Jahangir Khan Adjunct Professor jahangir.khan@ece.ubc.ca
Terry Lee Terry Lee Adjunct Professor terry@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 952-4361
Yair Linn Yair Linn Adjunct Professor ylinn@ece.ubc.ca
Amir Masnadi Adjunct Professor A.masnadi@gmail.com
Najeeb Khan Najeeb Khan Adjunct Professor
Reza Molavi Reza Molavi Adjunct Professor reza@ece.ubc.ca
James Pond Seyed Ali Mousavifar Adjunct Professor seyedm@ece.ubc.ca
Mukesh Nagpal Mukesh Nagpal Adjunct Professor mukesh.nagpal@bchydro.com
(604) 528-2784
Francisco Paz Adjunct Professor fpaz@ece.ubc.ca
James Pond James Pond Adjunct Professor James.Pond@ansys.com
Mahsa Pourazad Mahsa Pourazad Adjunct Professor pourazad@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-8121
Brad Quinton Brad Quinton Adjunct Professor bradq@ece.ubc.ca
Niranjan Ravichandran Adjunct Professor neeraj.ravichandran@gmail.com
Emanuel Serban Emanuel Serban Adjunct Professor eserban@ece.ubc.ca
Greg Steward Greg Stewart Adjunct Professor greg.stewart555@gmail.com
Ebrahim Vaahedi Ebrahim Vaahedi Adjunct Professor ebrahimv@ece.ubc.ca
Zehua Wang Zehua Wang Adjunct Professor zwang@ece.ubc.ca

  Name Position Contact
Charles Henville Charles Henville Sessional Lecturer c.henville@ieee.org
(604) 943-5091
Siamak Najarian Siamak Najarian Sessional Lecturer s.najarian@ubc.ca
Estella Hongxing Qi Sessional Lecturer estellqi@apsc.ubc.ca
(604) 822-1379
CHBE 292
Roberto Rosales Roberto Rosales Sessional Lecturer robertor@ece.ubc.ca
(604) 822-6845
MCLD 332
Hartaj Sanghara Hartaj Sanghara Sessional Lecturer hartaj.sanghara@ubc.ca
Sarbjit Sarkaria Sarbjit Sarkaria Sessional Lecturer sarbjits@ece.ubc.ca

  Name Position Contact
Matthew Yedlin Martina Iapichino Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow martina.iapichino@ece.ubc.ca