The Undergraduate Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering (ECE) programs commence in second year after students have met the requirements of first-year engineering. Students interested in the Biomedical Engineering Option should apply at the end of First Year Engineering.

How do I apply to be an ECE undergraduate student?

Those interested in a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering apply directly into the Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) program, where during the first year students gain a broad understanding of engineering principles. If you are applying to UBC as a first year student, visit the following link on how to apply to UBC for first-year engineering:

In second year, after students have met the requirements of first-year engineering, students select their program of choice to decide between Electrical or Computer Engineering (as well as a Biomedical option), and must submit the Faculty of Applied Science Second Year Placement Form. All students need to complete this form no matter what program and option they are choosing.

For any questions or concerns, please contact ECE Student Services by visiting KAIS 2010 or by emailing Detailed program and course information can also be found in the UBC Calendar.  

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