Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistants form an integral part of the ECE Department, responsible for the Department’s core mission of undergraduate teaching and learning. ECE hires a limited number of TA’s annually to support its undergraduate programs.

Teaching Assistant applications are open year round!

Teaching Assistant applicants must be full-time graduate students currently registered in the Department’s MEng, MASc, or PhD programs, or must be fully accepted into one of these programs starting in September.  Priority for TA appointments will be given to MASc or MEng students who have not exceeded two teaching years and to Ph.D students who have not exceeded four teaching years.

Undergraduate student experience and performance is the principal underlying driver for the appointment of TAs. Please note that financial need is not part of the evaluation criteria.

Although the precise duties will vary depending on the course for which an appointment is made, in general they will include responsibilities in one or more of the following types:

  • Laboratory Assistant – assisting in the supervision of electric power, electronics and/or computer laboratory experiments, marking of the laboratory reports.
  • Tutorial Assistant – assisting in or taking charge of tutorial sessions, marking of assignments, preparing or written solutions, reviewing of assignments with undergraduates
  • Marking – marking of assignments.

For information on how to apply, please see below. Teaching Assistant applicants will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Mastery of the course academic material
  • Ability to help students actively learn
  • Ability to explain subject matter clearly and logically
  • Ability to effectively lead discussion groups that facilitate student learning
  • Ability to constructively evaluate student presentations
  • Ability to effectively assists student learning by enabling different sets of skills, including oral and verbal communications, problem-solving, critical thinking, numeracy, teamwork, leadership, and planning

TA Applications are open year round, and can be completed by clicking the following link: ECE TA Application 2022/2023. Please note that one of the requirements is to submit a current CV outlining your educational and employment experience related to a TA position.  Applications will be accepted after the deadline until all positions are filled but, other considerations being equal, candidates who applied by the deadline will be preferred.

New and returning candidates wishing to be considered for a TA position will need to submit a new application and CV. Graduate level classes will be assigned as a secondary appointment to an undergraduate class.

Note for MEng Students: Please enter the MEng Program Advisor, Leo Stocco, in the 'Faculty Supervisor' field.

Applicants will be contacted with further details regarding interviews in July or August.

Once you have completed the application, please save a copy of your responses for your records.

Graduate Students: please note that you should NOT consider Teaching Assistantships as a source for guaranteed income. The Department is not in a position to consider financial need in the process of TA appointments.

Applications are open year round!

New TAs and returning TAs who have not participated in the Faculty of Applied Science (APSC) TA training program must complete the training, as it is designed to help ensure that TAs are successful in their roles. If you receive a TA position, information on this training will be provided to you.

TAs at UBC are represented by the Canadian Union Of Public Employees Local 2278 (CUPE2278) and a Collective Agreement between UBC and CUPE2278 is in effect. Under this agreement, previously appointed TA's must be given preference over new applicants. Once CUPE 2278 members (i.e., previously appointed TAs) have been considered for available positions, new applicants are considered for any remaining positions. All positions are offered on the basis of seniority and merit based on the criteria listed above. Faculty members are responsible for the assessments of merit.

Applicants should be aware that generally not all applicants will be offered TA positions.