Communication Systems

We are engaged in leading-edge research in many areas of communications, networking, and signal processing. We are driven by their potential impact on our society and environment. Our focus is on the design and evaluation of architectures, algorithms, protocols, and management strategies for communication systems. The applications cover many areas, including the Internet, wireless networks, sensor networks, optical networks, and other communications systems.

The work in our group spans various areas including coding, relaying, channel modelling, statistical signal processing, multiple access, scheduling, routing, multimedia, image processing, target tracking, optical transceiver, sensors, antenna, as well as distributed security design. We collaborate with companies, academic institutions and government agencies in British Columbia, Canada and around the world on joint projects.

Name Research Interests
Vijay Bhargava Green communications, cognitive and cooperative wireless systems, MIMO-OFDM systems, cross-layer analysis.
Lukas Chrostowski Semiconductor lasers, optical communications, high-speed laser modulation, VCSELs, photonic integrated circuits (PICs), biophotonics.
Nicolas Jaeger Integrated-optics, fiber-optics, optical sensors, optical measurement of voltage and current in power substations, ultrahigh-speed electro-optic modulators, ultrahigh-speed measurement techniques.
Lele Wang Information theory, coding theory, communication theory, mathematical data science.
Lutz Lampe Communication and information theory, Smart Grid, Grid diagnostics, Ultra-wideband (UWB), Wireless sensor networks, Localization and tracking, RFID, Cognitive radio, Power line communications, Compressed sensing, Machine Learning
Cyril Leung Wireless communications, cellular systems, multihop mobile networks.
David Michelson Propagation and channel modeling, low profile antenna design, wireless communication system performance, EMI/EMC.
Farshid Agharebparast Electronics, programming languages, computer architecture, operating systems, and computer networking and communications.
Shahriar Mirabbasi Analog and mixed-signal intergrated circuits and systems design, integrated circuit design with an emphasis on high-speed data communication and signal processing applications.
Panos Nasiopoulos Multiview Coding, 3D technologies, High Dynamic Range Video, Quality of Experience (3D, HDR, Digital Cinema), Interactive multimedia, Digital video processing and communications
Sudip Shekhar microelectronics, integrated circuits, CMOS circuit design for wireless, wireline and silicon photonics applications
Jane Z. Wang Multimedia security, statistical signal processing, biomedical information, genomic signal processing and statistics, and wireless communications.
Vincent Wong Wireless communication systems, mobile networks, smart grid, energy systems, machine learning, deep reinforcement learning, optimization.
Matthew Yedlin Acoustic wave propagation, including acoustic diffraction, asymptotic expansions, numerical wave modeling, laboratory wave modeling and source signature generation for seismic cross-well tomography. Applied digital signal processing.