Undergraduate Student Advising

For general questions about your program, please contact u-advising@ece.ubc.ca and your question will be directed to the appropriate person. If you have a question or request regarding course registration, please contact registration@ece.ubc.ca.

The current advising team for ECE undergraduate students is as follows:

Cathleen Holtvogt, Undergraduate Program Assistant – cathleen@ece.ubc.ca

Mary Chan, Course Scheduling/Registration – maryc@ece.ubc.ca

Sathish Gopalakrishnan, Associate Head of Undergraduate Studies – sathish@ece.ubc.ca

Joseph Yan, ECE Faculty Advisor – josephy@ece.ubc.ca

Shuo Tang, ELEC Program Director – tang@ece.ubc.ca

Sasha Fedorova, CPEN Program Director – sasha@ece.ubc.ca

Purang Abolmaesumi, BMEG Option Coordinator – purang@ece.ubc.ca