Biomedical Technologies

ECE is engaged in cutting-edge biomedical technology research, which promises to have large impact on health care and quality of life. We use engineering methods to develop new devices, algorithms, and systems to improve disease diagnostics, treatment, and health care delivery.

Work in this group spans the wide range of microscale tools for basic science and drug discovery to bedside applications in the clinic. Our interdisciplinary research projects, at the interface of engineering, life sciences, and medicine, include microsystems for single-cell manipulation, photonics for imaging of tissue samples, signal processing for medical imaging, and medical instrumentation and robotics. Strong interaction with the Faculty of Medicine, the International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (ICORD), the BC Cancer Research Agency, the biomedical device industry, and many others drives our department to address new challenges in biomedical technology development.

Name Research Interests
Purang Abolmaesumi Biomedical Engineering with emphasis on computer-assisted surgery, image-guided therapy and medical image analysis.
Rafeef Garbi (née Abugharbieh) Medical image computing
Karen Cheung Biomedical microsystems for diagnostic and therapeutic applications, dielectric spectroscopy for flow cytometry, implantable polymer-based microelectrode arrays, integrated cell culture systems.
Lucas Chrostowski Semiconductor lasers, optical communications, high-speed laser modulation, VCSELs, photonic integrated circuits (PICs), biophotonics.
Edmond Cretu Microsystems, adaptive MEMS, micro-instrumentation, nonlinear signal processing, BioMEMS. ultrasound imaging
Guy Dumont Adaptive control, predictive control, control of distributed parameters systems, advanced process control, applications of wavelet analysis, biomedical applications of control, pulp and paper process control.
Sid Fels Human computer interaction, human 3D biomechanical modeling, speech synthesis, medical applications of modeling, computer vision, interactive arts and music.
John Madden Artificial muscle and application to medical devices, photosynthetic photovoltaics, super-capacitors, batteries, sensors, carbon nanotube devices.
Robert Rohling Medical imaging, medical information systems, robotics, ultrasound imaging in both 2D and 3D.
Tim Salcudean Haptic interfaces, teleoperation and simulators, medical robotics, imaging and interfaces, optimization-based design.
Sudip Shekhar microelectronics, integrated circuits, CMOS circuit design for wireless, wireline and silicon photonics applications
Leo Stocco Medical robotics, haptic interfaces, electro-mechanical optimization.
Boris Stoeber Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microfluidics, sensor technology, integrated microsystems for biomedical applications and for environmental control.
Kenichi Takahata Micromachined sensors and actuators, MEMS, implantable micro devices, micro-scale wireless sensing/control, 3-D micro fabrication techniques, micro electrodischarge machining and control.
Shuo Tang Biophotonics, biomedical optics, optical tissue imaging instrumentation, optical coherence tomography, multiphoton microscopy.
Robin Turner Raman and resonance raman spectroscopy of biomolecules, fiber-optic-linked ultraviolet optical spectroscopies, spectroscopic signal processing and analysis.
Konrad Walus Nanoelectronic devices and circuits, quantum-dot cellular automata, single-electron transistors, quantum mechanical simulations
Jane Z. Wang Multimedia security, statistical signal processing, biomedical information, genomic signal processing and statistics, and wireless communications.
Joseph Yan Micromechatronics, microfabrications, microassembly and biomimetic robotics.
Xiaoxiao Li Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Explainable AI, Trustworthy AI, Privacy and Security, Medical Image Analysis, Bioinformatics.