Extreme Weather Plan/Procedure

Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty & Staff Checklist: Advance Preparation

In advance of coming to work during times of inclement weather – please check www.ubc.ca/ for details on campus closure; Pursuant to Policy 68 (PDF), if UBC is subject to extreme winter weather conditions, the administration may decide to cancel classes and curtail non-essential services. Faculty, staff and students should visit the University website (www.ubc.ca) for closure notices and information. While the University will inform TV and radio stations of campus closures, the UBC homepage is the authoritative spot for all information.

Supervisors should decide in advance and notify their staff in advance if upcoming extreme weather necessitates remote work or staying home.

We also ask that you please familiarize yourself with the links on preparing for winter weather conditions:

Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty & Staff Checklist: In the Event of Snow/Extreme Weather

  • If you are proceeding to commute to work, stay safe on your commute. If you cannot report to work due to the snow, contact your supervisor immediately (please ensure you have their contact details).
  • If you are unable to commute to work, make sure to turn on your out-of-office message for both your email and your office telephone. IT@ece.ubc.ca can be contacted for assistance setting up an out-of-office message.
  • Learn if your position is deemed “essential”. If so, make sure you know your rights and responsibilities.
    • NOTE – ECE does not have any “essential” positions defined.

Regarding Campus Safety:

When extreme weather comes to UBC, Building Operations in Vancouver are responsible for managing snow and ice. Find out more about how campus will be kept safe during extreme weather, and how to report slippery conditions: UBC Facilities, Vancouver. To help keep yourself safe, please ensure you wear appropriate footwear when outdoors and use the main entrances of buildings.