Advanced Science cover features paper from ECE’s Kenichi Takahata and team

Advanced Science, May 2018 issue

The cover for the May 2018 issue of Advanced Science features a research paper written by Associate Professor Kenichi Takahata and his team consisting of Xing Chen, Babak Assadsangabi and Professor York Hsiang (a vascular surgeon at Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Faculty of Medicine). The paper is titled Enabling Angioplasty‐Ready “Smart” Stents to Detect In‐Stent Restenosis and Occlusion.

The featured paper discusses an intelligent version of a stent, a vascular implant, enabled by Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and radiofrequency technology that monitors and gives a warning of the most critical problem caused by the implant known as restenosis (narrowing or occlusion of arteries), which often occurs post implantation and can put patient lives at risk.

“This work has demonstrated the first intelligent stent that is compatible with today’s interventional procedure and tools and has shown wireless tracking of local blood flow via in vivo testing,” explains Dr. Takahata. “This is a breakthrough step that will promote the clinical and commercial application of smart stent technology.”

Advance Science is a renowned open-access journal with a high impact factor that covers a broad range of research areas in science and engineering, including life science and healthcare studies and applications.

Read the cover paper and check out the full May 2018 issue.