CPEN 311

Digital Systems Design

Advanced combinational and sequential electronic system design. Hardware specification, modeling, and simulation using hardware description languages (HDLs) and CAD tools. Design with programmable logic including FPGA’s. Applications include complex state machines, microcontrollers, arithmetic circuits, and interface units. Credit can be given for only one of CPEN 311 or EECE 379. [3-3-0]

4 credits

Course Topics

  • Combinattional Logic
  • IC Designs
  • FPGAs
  • Sequential Circuits
  • VHDL Synthesizable
  • Timing of Synchronous Circuits
  • Arithmetic Circuits; Number Systems
  • Datapath Circuits
  • Asynchronous Circuits
  • MPS
  • Pipelining
  • GPU Arch


ONE of
CPEN 211 – Introduction to Microcomputers
CPEN 312 – Digital Systems and Microcomputers

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