Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)

The Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) is a great opportunity for undergraduate students interested in developing their research skills to participate in research projects being conducted in our labs, and to experience what studies in a research-based graduate program could look like. Each undergraduate student accepted to the program will be mentored by a graduate student.

The ECE Department provides tuition coverage of 1 credit of domestic tuition for this course.

1 credit


A GPA of 80% in your most recent term.


Undergraduate students would have to connect with an individual faculty member to determine a suitable research project. Once a match is found, they will register for ELEC497F or CPEN497F by having the faculty member send an email to the undergraduate student office (students@ece.ubc.ca). This needs to happen each term before the registration deadline.

ELEC/CPEN 497F is a 1-credit pass/fail course, for which the ECE Department tuition coverage is 1 credit of domestic tuition. A pass will be granted to students that provide one of the following outcomes:

  • successful presentation of a research poster at the end of year event
  • successful participation in the production of a research paper that incorporates the UREP students own work and for which they are listed as a co-author

There are no expectations or monitoring on the number of hours, rather the 1-credit is associated with the poster/publication outcome, giving the student flexibility to invest as necessary. This course cannot count towards any electives.

As we foresee that in many cases there are pre-existing intellectual property (IP) commitments for the research projects, students will be required to sign IP transfer agreements to participate in those projects in advance of registering.

Another reason to do it 

Each year UREP Best Poster/Paper awards will be distributed to celebrate UREP student achievements and build a culture of undergraduate research.

More Information

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