EECE 549

Dynamic Modeling of Electric Machines and Controls

Numerical aspects of time-domain simulation are reviewed. Dynamic modeling and analysis of power systems components including transformers, induction and synchronous machines, inverters, electric drives and associated controls.

3 credits

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This is a beginning level graduate course that may be useful for all students interested in application of electric machines, mechatronics, and power area in general. The course focuses on modeling power systems components and electric drives. During the course students will be working on several assignments that will include development of simulations of electrical machines, drives, and associated controls. Recommended software for working on class assignments is Matlab/Simulink.


P.C. Krause, “Analysis of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems, 2nd Edition,” IEEE Press 2002, ISBN: 0-471-14326-X

Chee-Mun Ong, “Dynamic Simulation of Electric Machinery: Using MATLAB/SIMULINK,” Prentice Hall 1997, ISBN: 0137237855

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