EECE 554

Advanced Power System Control and Dynamics

The following topics will probably be covered, based on the interests of the students:

1. Overhead Line Parameters: Computer-based solution methods to obtain series impedance and shunt capacitance matrices for multi-phase conductor systems, as a function of frequency. Coupling effects between parallel power lines and other conductors. Positive and zero sequence parameters, and comparison against traditional handbook formulas. Electric and magnetic fields close to power lines.

2. Underground and Submarine Cables: Short overview of solution methods.

3. Travelling Waves on Transmission Lines: Single-phase lossless lines; lossy lines; multiconductor lines; power system overvoltages.

4. Electromagnetic Transients Programs: Simple computer program for single-phase networks with lossless lines, resistances, inductances and capacitances; features of programs used in industry. Cases of typical switching surges.

5. Single-Phase Steady-State Studies: Single-phase representation of balanced three-phase operation for power flow programs and short-circuit programs for symmetrical short circuits.

6. Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Short Circuits: Traditional solution methods with symmetrical components. Computer-based solutions with phase quantities. Per-unit quantities.

7. Power Flow: Solution methods for finding power flows over transmission lines during normal operation. Optimal power flow solution methods (if there is enough time).

8. Transient Stability Programs (if there is enough time): Synchronous machine; swing equation; simple transient stability program; equal-area criterion.

3 credits

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