ELEC 342

Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion and Transmission

Three phase power; transformers and harmonics; magnetic materials and circuits, electromechanical energy conversion; DC machines; rotating magnetic field, AC induction and synchronous machines; variable frequency operation, brushless DC machines; stepper and single-phase motors. Credit will only be given for one of EECE 373, ELEC 342, and EECE 374. [3-3*-1]

4 credits

Course Topics

  • phasor analysis of AC steady state circuits
  • DC/AC modified nodal anyalysis of circuits
  • electric and magnetic fields
  • linear and circular motion and dynamics
  • the usual amount of math in complex numbers


PHYS 170 – Mechanics I
ELEC 202 – Circuit Analysis II
ELEC 203 – Basic Circuit Analysis

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