ELEC 546

Review of principles and practices of rnicro/nano fabrication technologies. Material and process selection; IC fabrication; silicon micromachining; LIGA; micro-EDM; mechanical processing; nanostructuring. Applications to MEMS/NEMS and other emerging devices.

3 credits

Course Outline

This course will cover principles and practices of fabrication technologies in micro and nano domains, which nowadays are the foundation of not only ICs and MEMS but also other state-of-the-art devices in diversified fields such as inkjet printing heads, flat panel displays, HDD, and medical sensors and implants. The course will address a wide range of processes and their present and future contribution.

Course Topics

  • Material and process selection
  • IC fabrication and next generation lithography
  • bulk and surface micromachining
  • electro-discharge machining
  • mechanical
  • ultrashort pulse laser
  • 3D rapid prototyping
  • nano structuring and replication.
  • Applications to MEMS and other emerging devices, e.g., smart implants, flat panel displays, and synthetic gecko tape.

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