Design and Innovation Day 2022: Winners, Projects, and Photos

Thank you to everyone who attended Design and Innovation Day! It was wonderful to see the results of a year of effort and teamwork from ECE’s students. Congratulations, everyone!

The winners of the Best Video competition and a gallery of photos from the event are featured below.

Best Video Winners

First Prize: Slicing-Based Debugging for Java / Android Development Environments

Project Client: UBC ECE, ReSeSS Research Lab, PI: Prof. Julia Rubin.

Our team has worked with the ReSSeS lab to integrate an innovative debugging tool called the Slicer4J Plugin. Slicer4J is a dynamic program analysis tool launched from a command line that allows users to select a statement and take a slice of the program execution to find all the lines which impact that statement. It enables analysis of a full execution of a program with a bird’s-eye view as opposed to the moment-in-time views that are common with traditional debugging tools. The objective of this project is to produce a functional, intuitive, and simple-to-use plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that utilizes the Slicer4J tool.

Danica Xiao
Tristen Raab
Preet Shah
David Fong
John Ramsden

Second Prize: IoT sensor to improve learning and focus in classrooms

Project Client: Airtame ApS

“IoT sensor to improve learning and focus in classrooms” is the project that our team (SF-043) has undertaken. The purpose of this project was to design a solution that will aid educators in making decisions and adjustments based on environmental classroom conditions. Studies have shown that classroom environmental conditions play a key role in optimizing student learning.

This project aims to provide actionable recommendations and meaningful representation of the conditions within a classroom setting through the use of IoT sensor hardware. The sensing hardware that our group has designed is focused on sensing and reporting the temperature, humidity, and CO2 environmental conditions within a classroom setting.

Mitchell Gordon
Matthew Fournier
Lam Hoang
Valentine Sebuyungo
Lary Qian

Third Prize: Hardware and Software Biofeedback for Physiotherapy

Project Client: UBC Tendon Injury Research Group

Long-term adherence to remote physiotherapy is statistically low. We’ve developed a real-time biofeedback hardware and software package to assist home-based physical therapy. PhysViz supports long-term adherence to rehabilitation exercises as well as allowing clinicians to provide real-time feedback and prescription adjustments, leading to better prognosis.


Warren Chan Wan
Stephanie Natcheff
Gabriel Chen
Hugh Chen
Jaiden Martinson-Hatt

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Design and Innovation Day Photo Gallery

Photos by Gabriel Chen Xiao Ming