Ebrahim Vaahedi

Adjunct Professor
MSc and PhD (London, England)

Email: ebrahimv@ece.ubc.ca


Dr. Vaahedi has over 25 years of power industry experience in energy restructuring, power system operation and planning as well as the development and implementation of decision support tools and their utilization in power systems. He obtained his MSc and PhD degrees both from Imperial College, University of London in the area of security and economic operation of power systems. He presently works at BC Hydro where he is accountable for developing the technology strategy and the execution of a consolidated technology plan to ensure that BC Hydro Grid Operations technology remains at the leading edge. Dr. Vaahedi is an IEEE Fellow, Chairman of the Operation Methods Subcommittee of IEEE, an Editor of the IEEE Transactions in Power Systems and on the Board of Director sof CIO Association of Canada. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia and Sharif University of Technology. He has authored over 100 papers and owns registered patents on On-line Dynamic Security Assessment. In 2004, he won the IEEE PES Prize Paper award.


Winter 2023

ELEC456 Decision Support Methods in Power Systems Operation Sections

Principles; acceptable regions of operation; energy management systems; load flow methods; static and dynamic security; contingency analysis; transient and voltage stability; online stability assessment.

Winter 2023

ELEC457 Optimization of Power System Operation Sections

Application of linear and nonlinear optimization methods in power systems; constrained optimization; optimal power flow; economic dispatch; electricity market; local prices for active and reactive power; security-constrained OPF; state estimation, reliability analysis.

Winter 2023

EECE553 Advanced Power Systems Analysis Sections

Computer-oriented analysis of electric power systems with regard to multiphase line constants, steady-state analysis of single and parallel circuits, lightning and switching surges; large-scale solution of power-flow problems; optimal real and reactive power flow.

Research Interests

  • Smart Grid Applications
  • Decision Support Tools in Power System Operation
  • Application of Optimization in Power Systems
  • Modern Control Centers
  • Static and Dynamic Security Assessment

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