ECE Research Team Receives Distinguished Paper Award at ICSME 2022!

We are excited to announce that Prof. Julia Rubin and ECE undergraduate students Evelien Boerstra and John Ahn have received a Distinguished Paper Award for their paper titled “Stronger Together: On Combining Relationships in Architectural Recovery Approaches” at this year’s prestigious ICSME Conference (International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution).

The paper focuses on the topic of architectural recovery and microservice-based application development. It continues a line of work that investigates approaches of transforming legacy cloud-based software into recently-becoming-popular microservice-based architectures. To learn more about this and other work being done in Dr. Julia Rubin’s group, please visit:

Congratulations Dr. Rubin, Evelien, and John for this accomplishment!

Dr. Julia Rubin
John Ahn
Evelien Boerstra