Get to Know Your Professor

The “Get to Know…” series is meant to introduce incoming students to the people in ECE and learn more about the ongoing research and work happening in ECE!

Dr. Joseph Salfi is an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UBC! Professor Salfi’s research focuses on the investigation, realization and assembly of building blocks for quantum information systems that could one day perform calculations well beyond the capabilities of classical information technologies. His work includes optimizing the coherence and scalability of quantum bits, engineering the interactions of qubits for quantum computers and simulators, and building hybrid systems of spin qubits and microwave photons.

In this instalment, Professor Joe Salfi shares the courses he will be teaching, his research focus, and more! 

Which course(s) will you be teaching this Fall semester?

ELEC 204: Linear Circuits (for EngPhys)
CPEN 514: Quantum Information and Computation

What interests you most about your research/ what drew you to this topic?  

My research area is Quantum Information and Computation. What draws me to it is a combination of three things. The first is that it is a high-impact area that attracts top researchers. Quantum Computation is a completely new way to process information that promises to enable the solution to computational problems that are out of reach using any conceivable classical computer. The second is that we are close to delivering on the promise described above for industrial use-cases. Proof-of-principal quantum computers have been demonstrated that can perform calculations that are impossible on classical supercomputers, and the next challenge is to do this in an industrial use-case. The third, and probably most important reason I am interested in it, is that it combines theoretical and experimental quantum physics (my area of graduate training), and electrical and computer engineering (my area of undergraduate training), two areas that I am most interested in. 

Where is your favourite spot on campus?

For work: My lab, in AMPEL 111, housing quantum experiments.
Outside work: The Rose Garden. The UBC Aquatic Centre. Loafe (good coffee!).

What is your favourite coffee/tea drink to order? 

Americano and espresso.

What is a fun thing about you that others might not know? 

Physical activities like Squash and Cycling are very important to me.

Find out more about Assistant Professor Joe Salfi’s research here!