CPEN 642

Cybersecurity Research Seminar

Pre-reqs: (by permission of the instructor)

Please note that this is a 3-credit course, which graduate students can take up to 3 times during their studies (unlike most courses at UBC). Each time, they will receive full credit (i.e., 3 credits) for the course and the grade will go on their transcript.

Note that MEng students are highly recommended to take CPEN 542 instead of this course. CPEN 542 is the course for learning the subject of cybersecurity.

CPEN 642 is a seminar-based graduate course for those PhD and thesis-based Masters program students who would like to get oriented in a specific domain of cybersecurity research and learn how to read/analyze/write/present research papers. We will be reading, critiquing, presenting, and discussing research papers recently published in top venues. Also, each student (individually or with another student) will write their own term paper on a topic of their choice, get feedback from the course instructor and the fellow students, and present the paper at the course mini-conference. Each time, the domain of this research seminar is different. In fall of 2023, the course will focus on Security and Privacy of AI. 

3 credits

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