S. Ali Mousavifar

Adjunct Professor

Email: seyedm@ece.ubc.ca

S. Ali Mousavifar received his BASc, MASc, and Ph.D. from the department of electrical and computer engineering (ECE) at UBC in 2006, 2009, and 2015, respectively.  He has collaborated with researchers at UBC, Qatar University, King’s University London, and Queen Mary University of London during his graduate studies. His research interests include cooperative relay networks, RF energy harvesting, trust and reputation management systems, and cognitive radio in wireless communication systems. He has more than 20 years of academic and industrial experience on a variety of topics including telecommunication systems, financial technology, cyber and cloud security, blockchain, and internet of things.  Currently, he is a member of R&D team in a silicon-valley cyber-security startup, Menlo Security.  He has held an adjunct professorship position at the Department of ECE at UBC 2015-6, 2019-Present.

He has served as a teaching assistant or lecturer since 2009 for the following courses: CPEN333, EECE391, EECE251, EECE253, EECE281, EECE282, EECE259, EECE 359, EECE 453, and EECE454. He is teaching CPEN333 in Fall 2021.

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