2021-2022 Capstone Design & Innovation Day

Welcome to Electrical and Computer Engineering Design and Innovation Day!

We are excited to share the projects our students have worked on over the final year of their undergraduate program! The capstone design project is a major component of the ECE engineering curriculum where students work in teams of four to six to design a product/service of significance and to solve an open-ended problem in electrical and computer engineering.

April 7th, 2:30-5:30

Fred Kaiser Building – 2332 Main Mall, UBC CampusAtrium and Kaiser 2020/2030


Our ECE projects and abstracts featured at Design + Innovation Day 2022 can be browsed through the categories below! Please also check out our 2021-22 People’s Choice Video Finalists!

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Team Name   TitleCompany
AI-05   IoT Solution for Real-time Building MonitoringFPInnovations
AI-51   Social Prescription AppBeyond the Conversation
AI-61   Lab-in-the-packUBC ECE
AI-64   Armed Parcel PadTaylook Group Inc.
AI-81   Monitoring and Control of Small to Medium Agricultural GreenhousesSierra Wireless
CG-06   Avionics for Space CapsuleSelf
CG-45   Ultra-Fast Failure Test Unit (UF-FTU) Version 2UBC SOC lab Ivanov group
CG-47   Open Source Audio Filters for Homeworld 3 and Hardspace: ShipbreakerBlackbird Interactive
CG-48   Room-Based Procedural Game Level GenerationBlackbird Interactive
CG-63   Gantry Scanner Control System for a Mobile Scanning RoverFPInnovations
HA-38   Airborne Time Domain Electromagnetic System ControllerPrecision GeoSurveys
HA-52   Personal Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Monitoring DeviceBC Hydro
HA-55   Prototype Building and Testing of Heat and Pressure Sensors to Obtain Arc Flash Related Data during Typical High Power Short Circuit Qualification Testing of Transmission and Distribution Equipment at a Test FacilityBC Hydro
HA-60   High Voltage Pulse Generator – Bearwatch Portable Electric Fence EnergizerBearwatch Systems Inc.
HA-76   Modena Smart Home Next-Gen User InterfaceiaconicDesign Inc.
HA-80   Inadequate Ventilation Detection & Alert SystemSierra Wireless
JY-04   All Sky Camera System for Detection of Resident Space ObjectsMacDonald Dettwiler Space and Advanced Robotics Ltd.
JY-15   Proximy PlacesProximy Technologies Inc.
JY-30   Hardware and Software Biofeedback for PhysiotherapyUBC Tendon Injury Research Group
JY-62   robotic tweezersUBC Studios
JY-66   A hybrid lab notebook: erasable paper meets encryptionShakiba Lab, School of Biomedical Engineering, UBC
JY-77   Online Price Monitoring ApplicationCymax Group Technologies
PB-12   Immersio Language Learning Mobile ApplicationImmersio Learning Incorporated
PB-19   Automating Product Ranking and Competitive Product Analysis to Achieve Success At ScaleEsparkify
PB-33   Monitor Nature with AI Automatic Change DetectionKorotu Technology
PB-34   Slicing-Based Debugging for Java/Android Development EnvironmentsUBC ECE, ReSeSS Research Lab, PI: Prof. Julia Rubin.
PB-46   Big Data processor with basic multivariate analysisDignii
PB-78   Smart Restaurant Analytics DashboardDYNE Technologies Inc.
PL-01   Skyline innovation is using ML and NLP to build a next generation SaaS video chat app.Skyline Innovation
PL-13   Sustainable Voice-Enabled Modular IoT Smart Curtain Powered with Solar EnergyJorbo Technologies
PL-50   PropBot – Propagation data collection RobotUBC Radio Science Lab
PN-17   Gesture Controlled Drone Vlogging AssistantHuawei Technologies Canada Inc.
PN-18   Gesture Controlled Robot PetHuawei Technologies Canada Inc.
PN-67   End-to-End Implementation of Automatic Road Deterioration Detection for Smart City ApplicationsTELUS Communications Inc.
PN-68   Automatic Recommendation system for the video streaming platforms according to the users’ viewing historyTELUS
PN-71   End-to-End Implementation of Street Parking Detection for Smart City ApplicationsTELUS
PN-86   Instagram Smart InsightsBroadbandTV Corp
SF-09   Developing a wearable head impact IMU to study sports concussionsSimPL lab
SF-10   Developing a low-noise wearable EEG deviceSimPL lab
SF-40   Emerging Media Lab CAVE: Virtual Reality in a BoxUBC Emerging Media Lab
SF-43   IoT sensor to improve learning and focus in classroomsAirtame ApS
SF-59   An ML-Based Cost Prediction Platform for Emerging Cloud ServicesUBC Vancouver / ECE Department / Cloud Infrastructure Research for Reliability, Usability, and Scalability (CIRRUS) Lab
SF-87   Tap to Park – Simplified Parking Permit SystemDesignwerx Innovation Inc
TL-39   Proximity Sensor and Camera for Private JetsJorbo Technologies
TL-41   Novel ML solutions to quantify motor performance in people with Parkinson’s diseasePacific Parkinson’s Research Center
TL-70   Indoor 3D Wi-Fi heat map generation based on floor plan and mobile 2D/3D sensorsTELUS
TL-74   Machine learning approaches to accelerate COVID-19 drug discoveryGandeeva Therapeutics Inc.
TL-84   ALEASAT Satellite Antenna and Ground StationUBC Radio Science Lab, UBC Orbit, SFUSAT. http://www.ubcorbit.com. http://www.sfusat.org
TL-85   Inexpensive Microfluidic Flow Rate Control, Sensor, & GUIUBC BioMEMS and SOC Research Groups