Go Global

Study Abroad as Part of Your Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree!

Imagine studying information architecture in Switzerland, learning about the applications of electromagnetism in Hong Kong, or taking part in industry leading research in Singapore. Study abroad can be a valuable addition to your electrical and computer engineering program. Today, it is easier than ever for students in ECE to Go Global through structured exchange pathways.

Where to start?

Visit the Applied Science Go Global website, or the general UBC Go Global website, for more information!

Other Information

Going Global lets you:

  • explore your ECE degree from a different perspective and gain access to courses you would not have access to at UBC
  • get an edge in the workforce, as more and more industries value cross-cultural competencies and international experience
  • experience another country as a student and not just a tourist
  • become globally aware, grow and develop as a person, and gain cross-cultural understanding

For each partner university, you can find a list of pre-reviewed courses that you can take at each institution. Once you pick the institution to attend and choose courses that you wish to take, the credits can be transferred back as equivalent to the UBC courses listed in the table, upon your return. You can also take courses that do not have UBC equivalents – these may be transferred back as electives.

Please note: partner university course offerings are subject to change.

Engineering Co-op can help you find a research placement at a partner university. If you wish to explore this option, please reach out to your Co-op coordinator for more information.