General Registration Guidelines for ECE Undergraduates

As you prepare for upcoming course registration dates, please refer to the below guidelines for common questions about course registration. To find your course registration dates, please check your SSC account and refer to:

How should I ask questions about course registration?

Unless the question is of general interest, in which case you may post on Piazza, you should send email to And always include your student number with your email. Students can also view the program curriculum and information on electives on our program website:

What should I do if a course I want to register in is full?

If a class is full, register in the waitlist. We may – in some rare cases – be able to expand class capacity but it is more likely that people drop the course later and you get a spot.

Reminder for using an SSC worklist for course registration:

If you have saved a worklist in your SSC for registering for courses, please remember to check your course list again before you register, as some courses may have been rescheduled to a new time since you last saved your worklist.

I am missing the pre-requisites for a course. Can I still register for the course?

If you are missing prerequisites for a course, it is unlikely that you will be allowed to register unless you have completed a course that is equivalent to the prereq. If you believe that you may be eligible for a course, send an email to registration@ece.ubc.cawith your request. You should not email the instructors first! It is also very likely that you will be placed on a waitlist first if you do not meet the pre-reqs for a course.

I would like to take two courses that have a timetable conflict. Is this possible?

We try hard to ensure that there are limited course conflicts. Conflicts are inevitable when people select electives, and we try to break conflicts when there are two courses where many students are interested in both courses. If there are course conflicts then – historically – we have had very few students take both courses in the same term.

If you want to register for two ECE courses that have a timetable conflict, please email first and we can advise you further. If the conflict is with a non-ECE course then you will need to provide approval from the non-ECE course instructor via email to Please note that ECE staff cannot register you when there are conflicts, and we will need to forward your request to Engineering Academic Services (EAS).

What are the rules around free electives?

Any University course as a free elective. If you have to take 6 credits of free electives then you should keep in mind that at most 3 credits can be at the 100-level and at most 3 credits can be a language course. As an example, if you take SPAN 102 as a free elective then and you have to take another 3 credits of free electives then remaining credits have to be from a 200-level or higher course that *is not* a language course. Of course, CPEN, ELEC, CPSC, MATH, or COMM courses can be taken as free electives.

Can I count a free elective towards a requirement for a Minor?

If you are also completing a minor then you may only count 3 credits of free electives towards both the ECE program requirements and the requirements of the minor. For instance, if you are completing the Commerce minor then 3 credits of a COMM course may be applicable to the free electives requirement and the minor.

Can undergraduate students register for graduate-level courses? Some of them sound interesting!

Yes! Some graduate level courses can count towards your advanced electives requirement. You should first check if a course you are interested in will count for your program ( and then there is a process for registering that requires multiple signatures: If you are thinking about graduate school and you think you have the necessary background then you may consider a graduate course as an elective.

I need help with registering for a non-ECE course. Can ECE Advising help with this case?

ECE Advising staff are only able to assist with ECE courses (courses with CPEN, EECE, ELEC course codes). We are not able to help with non-ECE courses even if they are required courses. You should contact the appropriate advising office for non-ECE courses. The most common contacts are:

  1. APSC courses:
  2. CPSC courses: CS Advising
  3. MATH courses:
  4. STAT courses: Statistics Advising

I am having problems with Degree Navigator (DN). DN does not map courses correctly. What do I do?

DN has a hard time with electives, especially free electives. You may write to if you have a challenge with DN mapping. Be assured that your degree navigator view will be manually updated when time permits. This is never an urgent issue so we will eventually work on tickets requesting DN updates.

When should I seek help with registration?

Please wait until registration opens before sending email to We cannot do much to help with registration until registration opens.

Please note that courses will be finalized before registration opens, but in the meantime some course details may still be changing so we recommend students be patient and check the course schedule often before their registration dates open.