Xiaoxiao Li

Assistant Professor
BASc (Zhejiang University), MASc (Yale University), PhD (Yale University) 

Office: KAIS 3110
Email: xiaoxiao.li@ece.ubc.ca


Research Group


Dr. Xiaoxiao Li is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, a faculty member at the Vector Institute, and a Canada CIFAR AI Chair. Dr. Li’s research lies at the intersection of AI and healthcare, focusing on developing next-generation responsible AI algorithms and systems. Her work is widely recognized, with publications in top-tier machine learning conferences (ICML, ICLR, NeurIPS, CVPR, ECCV) and leading biomedical conferences and journals (MICCAI, IPMI, Medical Image Analysis, IEEE Trans on Medical Imaging, Nature Methods). Dr. Li has received several best paper and research awards.

Dr. Li is always looking for self-motivated M.Sc., Ph.D., and postdoc candidates interested in machine learning, computer vision, language modeling, AI trustworthiness, and healthcare. A strong background in mathematics and/or excellent coding skills is a plus. UBC students interested in research opportunities with Dr. Li are also encouraged to apply. For more information about applications, internships, and collaboration opportunities (e.g., visiting students or scholars), please visit Dr. Li’s webpage. Ensure you follow the indicated format, include the required documents, and state your interest in working with Dr. Li. For non-UBC students, you can officially collaborate with Dr. Li via Vector Internship program, Globalink Research Internship program and UBC VIRS program.

Dr. Li’s group maintains close collaborations with industry leaders such as Nvidia, Google, Meta, and Microsoft, as well as other esteemed research institutes. Trainees in Dr. Li’s group will benefit from a supportive and extensive collaboration network.

Research Interests

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Language Modelling, AI Trustworthiness, Healthcare 

Research Areas