Brad Quinton

Adjunct Professor



Dr. Brad Quinton’s research and entrepreneurial interests are focused on machine learning, neural networks, semiconductor design and EDA algorithms. For much of his career he has successfully straddled academia and industry: founding three successful high-tech start-ups while continuing to do academic research and teaching. He received his Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia in October 2008. His Ph.D. research lead to the formation of Veridae Systems where he was CTO and co-founder. Veridae was quickly acquired by test and measurement leader, Tektronix. Brad then led Tektronix’s Embedded Instruments Group as Chief Architect. After leaving Tektronix, he went to serve as CEO and co-founder of Invionics and CTO and co-founder of Abreezio before joining Qualcomm as result of acquisition. As Senior Director of Technology at Qualcomm he successfully drove the productization and adoption of two key proprietary technologies across Qualcomm’s entire IC portfolio. The EDA tools and algorithms developed by Invionics and Veridae continue to be actively used by most of the top 10 semiconductor companies worldwide. Brad is currently the CEO of Vancouver based start-up Singulos Research Inc. where he is focused on developing scalable and deployable machine learning systems.


Winter 2021

CPEN400D Topics in Computer Engineering - DEEP LEARNING Sections

Lectures or projects on subjects of current interest.

Winter 2021

ELEC502 Advanced Topics in Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) Design Sections

Credit will only be given for one of ELEC 502 or EECE 579.

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, IC Design, FPGA Architectures, EDA Algorithms, Embedded Instruments, IC Validation, IC Manufacturing Test

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