ECE is active in various university-wide initiatives to engage both alumni and industry members with academic research. Lecture series and student events, Co-op, and Capstone Projects are a few opportunities for past graduates and industry to connect with ECE.

If you are an ECE Alumni and would like to be involved more with the ECE department, we welcome you to reach out to to express your interest!

Featured Alumni News

ECE Alumni Perspectives: Al-Shahna Jamal, Microsoft

“This might all sound obvious, but the simple truth is that forming good habits and time management takes effort and practice.”

Al-Shahna Jamal completed her BAsc and MASc at UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering, graduating in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Today, she’s a software engineer at Microsoft, and living in Seattle. We caught up with her to learn about her direction since her graduation from ECE, and how her time in our department has impacted her career.

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ECE Alumna Sara Badiei Shares her Career Move

“Having children is a pivotal point in one’s career, and finding a way to balance it all is a challenge- at least at first.”

Sara Badiei currently lives in Coquitlam and works as a Business Development Executive at Unity Technologies. After completing her MSc (Engineering) Sara spent several years working in the non-profit sector across the globe before changing course. Read more about how Sara made a significant career move and how she navigates change.

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